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Zaha Hadid’s Residential Buildings



It is the first residential design in New York by Pritzker Prize-winning Zaha Hadid, deceased just last year. In the heart of Chelsea facing the High Line oasis, among pools and panoramic terraces, the visionary architect’s masterpiece is immersed in the charming skyline. Amidst evocative installations, street artwork and performances by contemporary artists, this oasis in Manhattan is one of the symbols of the city.

The High Line runs past Renzo Piano’s Whitney Museum that faces the Hudson River all the way to Midtown, between older industrial buildings and new futuristic architecture by Jean Nouvel and Frank O. Gehry, immersed in a horizon of unique charm.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the High Line and its possibilities for New York”, told Zaha Hadid. “

Decades ago, I used to visit the galleries in Chelsea and consider how to build along the route…The design engages with the city while concepts of fluid spatial flow create a dynamic new living environment”. Overlooking a true open air theater, the first residential building by Zaha Hadid at 520 West 28th Street features super-exclusive homes and amenities reminiscent of One Thousand and One Nights. The architect’s style is evident in every detail in order to truly experience New York in excellence.

In this boutique residential condo, the interior seamlessly reflects the façade’s distinctive and sinuous character – inspired by a luxury yacht – with “organic” curves that breathe life to lavish exteriors. In a dimension where luxury lifestyle combines with exquisite stylistic delicacy, each of the 39 housing units becomes a “container” of a distinctive sculptural element, in a declaration of the unique design. In the words of Zaha Hadid, “each residence has its own distinctive identity, offering multiple perspectives and exciting views of Chelsea”.

Opulent and majestic, the lobby rises at twice the normal height with original views, while common spaces exude a vision of contemporary living: enchanting outdoor gardens and courtyards (quite unusual for Manhattan), a staggering panoramic terrace, an impressive indoor pool, and a refined wellness center.

And from the first official look inside the private residences – with views of the High Line and the impressive Empire State Building – two residential models by two different interior designers have been revealed.

One model residence of roughly 500 square meters ($15 million) reveals furnishings and décor chosen by designer Jennifer Post, featuring white tones and chromatic brush strokes that blend with the contemporary artwork in a dialogue between the different artistic expressions.

“Here, I am respectfully creating a vision that coexists with the vision of one of architecture’s greatest minds”, says Jennifer Post. “

This prompted me to really consider every move, every decision in a different, special way”. Next to it, another private residence model of about 170 square meters ($4.9 million) was conceived by interior designer West Chin (of West Chin Architects), who acted as interpreter for that minimalist functionality that has always characterized the unique and innovative style of an architectural genius. This vision is pure avant-garde.

520 WEST 28TH st New York (NY)

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects

Private Residence: da $4,950,000 a $50 milioni per la penthouse triplex


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