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The world of wallcoverings

| ICONIC DESIGN| Asia Bernardini

Milan and Shanghai – their union creates Misha: a forward-thinking vision of architect Chiara Enrico, who together with her sister Anna has brought the knowledge of ancient oriental painting and embroidery techniques on fabric wallpaper to contemporary interior wallcoverings. Misha combines the elegance and savoir-faire of Made in Italy with the excellence and charm of traditional artisanal techniques dating back to the 18th century. Wallcoverings describe
a dreamlike journey to faraway lands, including descriptions of landscapes that call to mind 18th-century antique chinoiserie and the 19th-century Grand Tour. Decorative elements that adorn and blend with architectural and design trends.
Thanks to its unique handmade craftsmanship and complete control of the entire creative and manufacturing process, Misha also creates tailor-made wallcoverings for private clients or companies, interpreting the most complex ideas and needs. Collections are entirely hand-painted and the result displays a long creative process. Two-dimensional Asian painting methods and perspective techniques blend with the creation of color shades and then move on to the skilled hands of embroiderers who add refined details, giving it a bright threedimensional effect.
The natural splendor of silk appears in the Plains China Classic Collection Oriental Flowers collections, which offer a wide variety of colors, weights, and luminous effects. The printed wallcoverings come from handmade drawings, scanned in real scale creating very high definition and realistic pictorial details. It is a print called Fine Art, available in the Tour des Voyages collection. Finally, the wallcoverings can be applied to floors, using special resins, or on ceilings, recreating a true room of wonders. Each creation is unique, poetic, and expressive.
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