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ICONIC DESIGN | Asia Bernardini

“If you want great sound, good acoustics are imperative. You need the sound to break surfaces – and try to avoid large flat surfaces where the sound is thrown back in the same direction.

My solution is a modular system you control yourself and piece together using speakers, amplifiers and acoustic dampeners”, says Øivind Alexander Slaatto, creator of “BeoSound Shape”, it is music’s new form.

Bang & Olufsen’s innovative wireless speaker system combines extraordinary acoustics with a customizable design in the form of hexagonal modular speakers, arranged and configured based on the user’s creativity.

It is a multisensory audio wall for large, multipurpose environments such as homes, shops, studios, showrooms, offices, and hotel receptions.

“The hexagon is one of nature’s favoured forms, seen in anything from snowflakes to honeycombs and makes perfect sense in repetitive and expanding structures. Every outcome is unique and there is a sense of natural beauty in these infinite variations”, explains the eclectic designer Slaatto.

The color palette ranges from Parisian Night Blue to Purple Heart, Infantry Green, Brazilian Clay, Wild Dove Grey, and classic Black.

In addition, collaboration with the renowned Danish textile producer Kvadrat introduces refined aesthetics with Kvadrat Brown, Kvadrat Moss Green, Kvadrat Pink, and Kvadrat Dark Blue.The sound of the wall, Bang & Olufsen’s exclusive upmixing algorithm, was designed to create a clear, perfect auditory landscape with the lead singer in the center and instruments joining in from the sides. It is defined as a “musical wall band” because the goal is to simulate a live show audio experience.

The BeoSound Core connectivity hub can play high-quality music wirelessly from mobile devices with streaming technologies like AirPlay, builtin Chromecast, or Bluetooth. BeoSound Core is also part of the Multiroom audio system: a product range that can be connected to other Bang & Olufsen products and B&O PLAY to play the same music or broadcast different music in various rooms.


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