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The Pearl of Capri

ICONIC HOTEL | Emanuele Melani

Think of Capri, and elegance, nature, and beauty come to mind. And nothing else captures the essence of this wonderful island in the Neapolitan gulf such as Punta Tragara, a 5-star luxury hotel.

Punta Tragara is located in front of the magnificent faraglioni rock formations and the brilliant colors of the Neapolitan sea; offers his guests all sorts of amenities, taking care of the smallest details with any stay in the hotel’s splendid rooms and suites, and within the relaxing beautiful park or the pool or spa areas. At Punta Tragara, elegance and sophistication are combined with the island’s beauty, fragrances, and flavors, making it unique and one of its kind. The complex’s crown jewel is gastronomic, including two excellent Italian restaurants.

Mamma is a starred restaurant headed by Executive Chef Salvatore La Ragione, famous for its Mediterranean cuisine and traditional dishes typical of Capri’s cuisine. It seats 50 in a covered area, surrounded by charming décor that evokes the light blue of the sea, and black and white photographs that show the island’s history. At Mamma, we discover Neapolitan cuisine thanks to Chef La Ragione’s love and utmost respect for tradition. The chef’s new menu includes raw seafood, and memorable dishes like tagliatella with cuttlefish and sprouts, or creamy risotto with mussels, garlic, and oil – a classic regional dish from Campania. However, even contemporary reinterpretations are available like tasty fish and chips. And for dessert, you must try the exquisite babbà. A wide variety of wines are available to accompany the meal, including wine from Campania, Italy, and France, all provided with meticulous and orderly service. But there’s more. Punta Tragara also is home to another leading restaurant in gourmet cuisine: Le Monzù Gourmet Restaurant with creative Chef Luigi Lionetti.

Restaurant Manager Silvio di Scala is at his right hand, and has many years of experience in prestigious starred restaurants. A new menu is now available, both a la carte or tasting, and it creatively revisits traditional dishes by combining them with local products that add to the quality and freshness of Mediterranean cuisine. The fish is surely the star of the appetizers, including a favorite with fresh catch of the day, fava beans, raspberries, and anchovy mayonnaise. The Chef’s favorite for the first course is a tasty risotto with roasted artichokes, burratacheese, and sea urchins, or try tortello with fennel snapper and seafood salad. The second courses balance Le Monzù Gourmet Restaurant’s gastronomic proposals, focusing on the taste of meat from Campania: a new dish from Chef Lionetti’s menu that deserves particular mentioning is the hen served with Swiss chard, a cream of Controne beans and onions. To finish the meal, magnificent desserts mix tradition and modernity, creating tasty temptations.


These include “l’assoluto di limone” and “l’oro di Capri,” lemon Bavarian cream, basil gel, creamy white chocolate oil, and apricot sorbet. Meals are carefully paired with excellent wines, the result of laborious research in selecting both local and international wines.

There are over 400 labels in Tragara Wine Cave, a splendid cellar with wooden floors and stones in view, full of prestigious wines and sparkling champagnes. Each is carefully chosen by a sommelier to enhance the innovative flavors and tastes of Monzù’s cuisine. Chef Lionetti’s creativity is not confined just to the prestigious restaurant’s dishes, however. He also is behind the finger food served together with barman Daniele Chirico’s cocktails at the Monzù Gin & American Bar, creating real treats for even the most hard to please palates. The staff’s friendliness and breathtaking view of Capri create the perfect atmosphere for aperitifs or drinks after dinner.



Admire barman Chirico’s fascinating and high-quality creations from the Gin & Cocktail List, made directly at the tables using homemade and hand-cut ice. Le Monzù Gourmet Restaurant has become a successful and highly praised location thanks to its excellence and passion, together with the enchantment of Punta Tragara.


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