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The Origin of New Beauty

| ICONIC DESIGN | Massimiliano Margarone

Coco Chanel claimed that beauty “is neither inside nor outside, it is in the air that surrounds you.” It is relationship, communication, the way for people to be and make an impression. According to Parini “beauty has more power over human souls than gold.” People spend
their lives cultivating beauty as a way to happiness, in the broadest and most subjective sense.
Beauty is a way of relating towards others. According to the definition it is the quality that is capable of satisfying the soul through the senses, becoming an object deserving and worthy of contemplation, and it indiscriminately affects people, living beings, and objects that are both animate and inanimate. Steve Jobs, the “CEO of beauty” and high-tech entrepreneur, overturned Apple’s former notion that electronic devices should always be unpolished and ugly. Jobs’ ideas always put art and design before other business priorities, bringing out the human being in every invention.
Jobs bound beauty to technological innovation, and also took care of “factory aesthetics” that influenced the work environment and proposed a model of beauty for everyone, for those who use but also for those who build. Tesla, the new electric car brand, is disrupting the beautiful and luxurious evolution of the electric car according to Elon Musk, combining innovative, aesthetic and social factors. Soffio by Signoretto, a Venetian glassworks company, has brought innovation by applying the production of glass art to the audio broadcasting sector, combining art and physics to create unique, modern, but above all beautiful and luxurious audio speakers. Mirò is an evolved mirror, designed and developed in the laboratories of SPX Lab. It evokes the precepts of beauty and luxury applying them to an object of common use; it is also technological and was designed through a mix of art, design, ergonomics, and high-technology in order to meet people’s aesthetic needs. All these projects show that beauty is an indispensable vehicle for applying the advantages of innovation in society.
They are distinguished by the developmental process based on the combination of technical, creative and artistic skills which is a value helpful in the long term. This design approach based on blending different disciplines is considered fundamental nowadays in the innovative development of companies: at the European level a program called STARTS – Science Technology and Arts – promotes its development and supports projects that include the addition of artists on technological projects. Innovation almost always precedes reflection on the canons of beauty – it is the first step on the journey towards new beauty.
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