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The evocative power of images

ICONIC ART | Chiara Melani

Immortalize beauty in photographic works of art: only an innovative company such as Alidem could bring this distinction to perfection. Specializing in the selection, production, and marketing of limited edition photographic works, Alidem believes that art should be for everyone.

Therefore it offers different collections (Alidem Unique / Alidem Collection / Alidem Vision / Alidem Creation) showcased in its gallery at Via Cusani 18, and in its showroom and headquarters at Via Galvani 24, Milan.

Alidem dominates the limited edition market, offering universally recognized value and authenticity. Not only that, but the print run that Alidem gives to every photograph is independent from the print format, which is synonymous with professionalism that protects both the artist and the buyer. Likewise, one of Alidem’s main characteristics is attention to detail, seen in every collection: the photographic works are made with printing technologies specific to Fine Art. Sharpness, a natural quality, and a profusion of tones and shades are combined with technological innovation and craftsmanship in order to give each shot value as a precious model.

Pioneering and cutting-edge, Alidem is also the first private Italian company to be part of the great international tradition of anonymous photos: photographs shot from mid-1800s to the 1960s. Each photograph is a unique piece, and the Alidem Unique collection acts as spokesperson for this exclusivity that has had its first major achievement in the exhibition “Sailors Kiss and Go.

A male myth in the trouvée photo”. It showcased this male legend in photo trouvée, shown from May 25 to 27, 2017 at the Alidem Showroom, and was quickly extended to the prestigious CAMeC of La Spezia. The anonymous photos in the Alidem Collection are a key aspect in an important collaboration with one of the most prestigious and influential Milanese institutions, La Triennale di Milano, with the exhibition “The Origin of the World Eroticism and Seduction in the Photo Trouvée”, which opened November 14 and will be shown until December 17.

It features a collection of great anonymous erotic photographs taken from all over the world. Alidem Collection is the line dedicated to limited edition and certified prints: the continually and constantly expanding portfolio includes Italian and international photographers, and is organized in a multi-faceted array of contemporary images.

Each photograph is also accompanied by a certificate that guarantees the technique, printing quality, and edition, as well as the artist’s signature attesting its authenticity. In addition, each photograph also has a hologram on the back of the print, filed with the Register of Community Trademarks and Patents, which cannot be removed without fragmenting or destroying it.

Passion and professionalism towards art services characterize Alidem Luxury, a product line for exclusive and prestigious collector’s items. It holds four limited edition photographic prints signed by the artist in an elegant box set: every set is dedicated to a specific theme, showcasing the most important photographs from the Alidem Collection. The prints are made with the high-quality excellence of Fine Art 100% cotton paper, produced by the historic Hahnemühle paper factory, an industry leader.

The goal is to find absolute harmony between the photo’s intrinsic emotional value and quality in its realization. This is how a photographer’s art comes to its full fruition.

Alidem also collaborates with prestigious archives and historic companies in the Alidem Vision line, offering its clients the chance to decorate and create interior design projects with furnishings for luxury spaces. Above all, this partnership has intensified with 5 star luxury hotels that have come to rely on Alidem, thanks to its services that include rendering, interior design, and art advisory.

Alidem offers a detailed and accurate estimate of photographs based on the location, special requests, and price range. These include tailor-made projects and stagings that decorate elegant spaces and structures including Baglioni Hotels in Milan, Rome, and the Maldives – the latter still under construction.

These spaces are all designed and created by Alidem, which stands out for its professionalism and quality. Alidem’s mission –photography should be for everyone – is also reflected in the Alidem Creation line: always guaranteeing the highest quality of professionalism in the offer, selection, and compositions of photographic projects, suitable for any budget.

In fact, Alidem collaborates with important figures such as Mondadori in proposing specific products, like perfect gift ideas or original solutions to decorate homes and offices with small works that have great aesthetic value.

“Photography, photo – graphy, means writing with the light. Photography and film making give a sort of immortality, a preeminence to images and not to real life”. (Herbert Marshall McLuhan)

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