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The EffeEffe Berlinetta’s Retro Charm

From the artisanal excellence of Officine Fratelli Frigerio and SolidWorld’s high technology comes a Made In Italy masterpiece of style and engineering.  Presented on the Monthléry circuit, and chosen to be unveiled at the Top Marques of Montecarlo by Prince Albert of Monaco, the new EffeEffe Berlinetta is enchanting, thanks to that neoclassical style together with the hand-crafted quality of Made in Italy.

The engine derives from the Alfa Romeo 2000, and mechanics have been reworked to meet new demands.  The Berlinetta is completely hand-built, just like how artisans used to make the famous Gran Turismo in the ‘50s.

Her classic lines have even deceived the panel of judges at Villa d’Este, which had initially registered it to compete among vintage cars; this charming retro style model is actually impeccably future oriented.  For the Frigerio brothers, Leonardo and Vittorio, owners of the Officine Fratelli Frigerio and great enthuasists of vintage cars, having succeeded in reconstructing this Gran Turismo was like reliving a glorious past.  The design of the EffeEffe Berlinetta calls for the craftsman’s attentive and meticulous expertise in order to recreate the pleasure of vintage driving: lines, balance, the smell of the leather seats, the balanced weight distribution, a chassis designed to enhance the steering.  Aesthetics and design method are identical to those of the past but with a high tech boost: the engine is the same as the Duetto’s from the ‘90s, able to reach a speed of 240 km/h.  However, modernity and functionality is found in the braking system, rack and pinion steering, and a more comfortable cockpit.  Looking like something out of a classic movie, every detail of this model is handcrafted: handles, leather interiors, and pure wool floor carpeting.  The interior design by Matteograssi, leading manufacturer in high quality artisan materials, brings to mind the idea of customized luxury.

Lines from a powerful engine, a gem of a car, a must-have accessory to flaunt.

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