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The Creator’s Design

High quality, dried and seasoned solid wood: Etrusco manufactures billiard tables with finishes including walnut, cherry, oak, wenge, and various lacquers, and with rectified and calibrated Italian slate playing surfaces.

For over half a century, it has been synonymous with excellence in game, creativity, research, and design. The timber used in the production process comes exclusively from geographic areas where reforestation programs are in place, in compliance with environmental regulations: using only high quality materials together with a unique and detail-orientated assembly system result in exclusive, original, and patented products.

“Billiards manufacturing is a long-standing craftsmanship that has been handed down for centuries, and nowadays being an artisan means passion, willpower, but above all pleasure and, despite fatigue, feeling satisfied”, says Cesare Mosti, owner of the company.

“In this field, a craftsman’s training requires at least 15 years in order to qualify as a Billiards Technician”, he concludes.“ To fish, your mind has to be clear. It’s like billiards. You look at the ball. You concentrate on it, and the trajectory you want to move it along, then, confidently and decisively, you transmit the required force to the cue” (Jean-Claude Izzo).

This determination has always distinguished the Tuscan brand, unique creator of works of art designed to enrich any space, transforming it into a dream. Innate passion immediately dazzles anyone who enters the showroom, and the story is meant to told and examined together with Cesare Mosti, in the following interview.

GSM: You claim that playing is a “Wellness Therapy” What do you mean?
CM: It is said that Louis XIV loved playing billiards immediately after meals to encourage digestion; also, you should know that while playing pool, in one evening you travel up to three kilometers without realizing it.
GSM: What has the game of billiards become nowadays?
CM: Today, billiards is a true sports discipline with local and international championships all
over the world.
GSM: What is the crown jewel of your collection?
CM: In the patented P40 (Project 40), the flagship of our company, we induce the creative push of avant-garde aesthetics with the most advanced engineering performance, a perfect synthesis between a game table and furniture, a union of design and personality. These features fully place this work above the threshold of excellence, just like the models Top and Narciso.
GSM: What is your philosophy?
CM: Our philosophy is to create billiard tables based on quality, practicality, and beauty, to offer
our clients a unique product that is to be looked after and admired as a work of art.
GSM: Which collaborations have been fundamental for Etrusco?
CM: To keep at the top of game quality, Etrusco Billiards collaborates with the current World
Champion Matteo Gualemi.
GSM: What are the upcoming innovations?
CM: With an artisanal workshop and showroom that are museums, Etrusco has reached the peak of Italian style in terms of product class and elegance, as a recognizable seal. The latest revolution is the use of plexiglass for its transparency.

Author: Laura Scatena

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