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Style Proportion

Interior stylist, details designer, seeker of style, functionality and professionalism, with a natural instinct for beauty and all things well done. Interior design portrays on a canvas how the final painting will turn out. Respect spaces, place furnishings in a harmonious mix of creativity and rational logic, select high quality materials and state-of-the-art technology, as well as renovate for new uses, in a sensible balance between full and empty.

An interior designer’s role is to cleverly fuse many elements together: colors, volumes, materials, surfaces, and lights. They must put their own ability
into action to design places with character and innovation, able to nurture and complement the relationship between people and the environment.
Alessandro Pagnoni is part of Dines Paris, a company specializing in luxury interior design. It represents one of the most prestigious labels in the industry, and creates projects for luxury residences, private jets, yachts, and apartments. Common themes that run through their creations include elegance, minimalism, innovation, schematic design, attention to shading, exquisite raw materials, all created in perfect harmony with their clients.

Design by Alessandro Pagnoni, Montecarlo by Dines, is a true added value of customized style and sophistication. “If every piece is perfect, the room becomes a museum and lifeless” . (Nancy Lancaster)


Author: Laura Scatena
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