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Speed and Luxury

| ICONIC FLY | Asia Bernardini

Pegasus Universal Aerospace based out of South Africa made its debut of Pegasus One, the revolutionary VBJ ™ Vertical-Business-Jet, at the latest edition of EBACE 2019. “We are working hard to build a full-scale cabin mockup of Pegasus One, which we plan to bring to London to start a demonstration tour of Europe in 2020 to drum up interest. We look forward to meeting forward-thinking investors and, of course, potential operators during the tour” said Pegasus founding chairman and visionary Dr. Reza Mia. With Pegasus One, Pegasus Universal Aerospace is committed to offering speed, comfort, and style for travelers seeking transportation between urban airports, small landing zones, yachts, and helipads.


Pegasus aims to travel 4,400 km from a runway or 2,124 km when taking off in VTOL mode, targeting a cruising speed of 796 km/hour, designed with six seats and powered by 2,330-shp turboshaft engines. Depending on takeoff configuration – VTOL or runway – Pegasus One will be able to fly for three hours, with competitive operating costs when compared to similar range aircraft, with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Noise levels are lower than comparative rotary-wing aircraft, and it offers passengers and pilots extreme comfort, attention and safety, with a futuristic final design.

We will just have to wait for the tour.

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