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SkyRanch, Your Escape Into The Sky

SkyRanch, the noble project designed by SottoStudio. Eddie Sotto, President of SottoStudio, is a creative professional and Renaissance entrepreneur with a proven track record in design for over 30 years. SottoStudios / LA was founded in 2004 to invent and modify products as multi-sensorial “experiences”.

Eddie Sotto figured out how to break down formal, imposing barriers in architecture, marketing and design, combining them in a single shared process that continuously astonishes and amazes. SkyRanch has been made with the belief that yes, a yacht can fly, with the right “complicated simplicity”.

The history of great open spaces now encompasses seclusion and privacy.

The solution is tailor made: there are interchangeable elements like modular seats that can be customized to any style and comfort, just release the strap and switch out armrests or add an iPad pouch. Among the many rich precious details, there are hand engraved controls, bleached woods, woven leather, inlaid horn, and soft English wool. SkyRanch is a state of mind, with plans that can be coordinated to a variety of aircraft, since design shouldn’t exist for itself but rather to tell a unique and unparalleled story.

The Aspen color scheme and “burlap” inspired wall coverings result in a surreally peaceful atmosphere.

SkyRanch is an empty canvas on which to create art, and SottoStudios adapts every aircraft’s design with endless possibilities. 3D projections allow you to explore every option; a talented team puts ideas into contexts that go beyond renderings. Designs become so real, it seems like you can reach out and touch them. It is a luxury that is frictionless and more casual, on a journey towards immeasurable diffusion.


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