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Intel Unveils Project Alloy en

Sometimes I wonder if there is such a thing as reality, an objective and untouched nature of being.  Or if all that we encounter has already been changed by what we had imagined it to be.  If we have dreamed it into being.” (Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni)

A computer, a graphics processor for VR rendering, RealSense cameras map surrounding elements in real time letting you interact with your senses  with input devices, all of this in one name: Project Alloy.

Intel unveiled Project Alloy, a first-generation all-in-one virtual reality solution leveraging Intel RealSense technology, on Tuesday, August 16, 2016. Project Alloy will be offered as an open hardware platform in the second half of 2017. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The 2016 Intel Developer Forum ended with the anticipation of Project Alloy, a cordless visor for “merged reality” with an integrated computer and Windows Holographic – the Microsoft VR platform coming to Windows 10, set to arrive in 2017.

All in one, where for an instant virtual reality and the world merge to take shape in imaginary conception and design, yet with material perception, in Project Alloy.

A step into a universe of extended reality, which marks the dividing line from the past, and will revolutionize the way we perceive virtual reality, becoming the answer thanks to Intel RealSense technology.

The demo shown on stage at the last Forum’s closing is still being perfected, but the exchange between the body merging with the vast unreal environment gave a surprising performance.  The advantage of HMD Lega, innovative technology of gathering and processing, combined with the science of Intel RealSense were able to create hallucinatory experiences.

Finally, the chip giant will work with Microsoft in order to integrate Windows Holographic software on Alloy, the same software inside of mixed reality smartglasses HoloLens.

Author Asia Bernardini

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