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Past and Future in the name of Art


Amos Rex is the new artistic hub in the heart of Finland’s capital: its thirteen thousand square meters originated with an idea from the historic Amos Anderson museum. Large cones bring light and air underground, where the immense and unique exhibition space is located.

The futuristic Amos Rex museum in Helsinki is a place for the most daring experiments, geared for new audiences of today and tomorrow.

Designed by JKMM Architects, the heart of the museum is a 2,170-square-meter exhibition hall for performances. It is an underground gallery with porthole-shaped windows like those found on a ship, and inspired by the waves of the sea. Owned by Föreningen Konstsamfundet, the museum offers an exhibition program that follows three main directions: experimental and technically innovative contemporary art,twentieth century Modernism, and ancient cultures.



In the first half of 2019, there will be an exhibition featuring Dutch artistic duo Studio Drift, Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta. Their works combine light and movement, questioning the laws that govern humanity, technology, and nature. Then in spring, Amos Rex will exhibit works by the Belgian surrealist René Magritte for the first time in Finland. Works from different periods in Magritte’s career will provide a multifaceted overview of how the artist’s work developed, with an additional program dedicated to his passion for cinema.


Amos Rex Museum
Mannerheimintie 22-24, 00100 Helsinki, Finlandia

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