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Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

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Ornamental Charm

“True luxury consists of the use of excellent raw materials and thorough knowledge of their processing. Marble is like a diamond: absolutely perfect if it’s the right color, with no defects, and cut well.

Take away one of those components and it immediately loses value”, says TETYANA KOVALENKO, CEO OF ELITE STONE, a talented and knowled- geable expert in marble, onyx and quartzite, with a passion for ornamental stones.

From cosmopolitan inspiration and made to measure extravagance, the ultra-luxury masterpieces designed by Elite Stone were born – a prestigious Made in Italy reality founded in Rome in 2000. Later moving to Carrara, the cradle of Italian excellence in marble extraction, and then Verona, Elite Stone has become a style icon for its careful selection of materials and innovative production techniques, with unique and prestigious results. Architects, interior designers, and individuals can personally choose marble slabs in a monumental space with 50,000 square meters of stones in the heart of Valpolicella.

A team of professionals, specializing in bespoke projects, start with the development of a client-supplied concept, then move on to con- crete creation through engineering and cutting precious raw material, and finally install the work. Enchanting adornments are for the living area, sleeping areas, and bathrooms.

Furthermore, the innovative patented E-Light System – result of over ten years of research, ma- terialized in the union between thin layered panels made of marble and onyx, together with the transparency of glass, LED lighting, and back-lit lightened marble – creates a warm atmosphere of evocative emotions.

“With our made to measure projects, light becomes a de- corative idea with elegance and style”, continues Tetyana Kovalenko.

“Our passion for Made in Italy exclusivity leads us to create luxurious furnishings with interesting synergy between nature and design. We offer excellence to our international clientele, not only because of the highest quality of raw material, but also for our qualified and complete service – from design, to marble selection and craftsman- ship that combines tradition and technology, and finally to inspecting, assembling and laying. We decorate the most luxurious and heavenly spaces in the world with charm and a truly one of a kind concept”.

Author: Chiara Melani


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