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| ICONIC YACHT| Chiara Melani

From the mythological name, by now a legend for elements of innovation and design, the new Riva 90’ Argo is preparing to conquer the waters around the world with its sleek, dynamic profile. 28.49 meters (93’6”) long and 6,50 meters (21’4”) wide, it is a completely new yachting project that joins and strengthens two predecessors: Riva 100’ Corsaro and 110’ Dolcevita. This is the latest from the world leader in design, construction, and marketing of motor yachts and pleasure crafts, with a unique portfolio of prestigious and exclusive brands: Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN, and Custom Line. Its modern production centers all in Italy combine industrial production efficiency, highquality details, craftsmanship typical of Made in Italy and a highly selected network of about 60 dealers. Ferretti Group guarantees its presence in over 80 countries and the highest levels of assistance for its customers in marinas around the world, as explained by STEFANO DE VIVO, CCO – FERRETTI GROUP AND GENERAL MANAGER OF WALLY.
How important is it to create places to bring together dealers, as well as shipowners, potential customers and enthusiasts?
Riva has a solid and internationally recognized heritage, bringing with it a wealth of values that are expressed well beyond sailing. We wanted to enhance this cultural heritage, continuing to convey it to the world of luxury thanks to the creation of the brand extension “Riva Brand Experience” which also includes Riva Destination. The idea came about from the desire to offer our shipowners and stakeholders in general an exclusive Riva experience even on land, creating the Riva Lounge and Privée, exceptional venues that act as meeting points for collaboration and exchange between boating enthusiasts and others. Following our insightful lead, several luxury hotels, restaurants renowned for their high quality, and famous yacht clubs with an international clientele have asked us to recreate the unique atmosphere of the Riva Lounge and Privée in their venues and offer their guests an unforgettable experience, in a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.
How crucial is it to invest in training and above all what figures does the world of yachting need the most?
Investing in training, as well as in research and development, is as crucial as it is strategic to have a competitive advantage. We believe that training projects nowadays should not look just at market needs, but also at innovation. For this reason, the figures that are sought-after the most include undoubtedly engineers, ad hoc software developers for the nautical sector, and naval designers able to think up new and creative solutions that improve the navigation experience for our discerning customers.
What is the Group’s philosophy?
Our philosophy is to constantly improve the cruising experience by providing owners with innovative and excellent technological solutions. This has led us to develop solutions that are competitive and groundbreaking throughout the world of pleasure boating. Just think of recently developed solutions, such as Dual Mode Transom (DMT). It is patented by the Ferretti Group and combines three fundamental functions in a single system: a floodable garage, a diving platform and a spacious beach club. Or the integrated bridge solution developed with Naviop-Simrad, a single direct interface providing total control of the yacht’s functions, complete with touchscreens seamlessly installed in the instrument panel.
How important is the after-sales service in order to satisfy customers?
After-sales customer service is complementary and crucial. It is pivotal to build a relationship of trust with the owner that implies handing over the concept of product excellence even in service, in an increasingly structured and comprehensible way. We ensure continuity in the relationship, providing excellent partners and personalized services based on customer needs. The goal is to guarantee peace of mind and safety at the highest level during the cruising experience, and to ensure that the shipowner can fully enjoy every moment onboard, in every part of the world.
What is a RIVA customer looking for?
Our shipowners are very discerning customers; they are extremely attentive to high quality standards, technological innovation, and excellence in design. They ask for exclusive boats that can be customized in every element, from technological solutions to interior design; they have very high expectations and demand perfection. Our added value is to respond to their desires and to create specially built yachts around their needs and preferences. At the same time, this is not enough. Our clients are looking for something more than fleets and it is precisely that set of values, cultural baggage and heritage that we transmit together with the brand, exactly as we do with the Riva Brand Experience, which includes Riva Lounge and Privée. In every Riva Destination, the style, furnishing design, and decorative details allow you to savor the charm of the Riva legend. You can touch and admire the materials and essence that have been used to make the most famous boats in the world for 177 years, chosen and adored by stars and celebrities.
What are the reference markets? Are there any emerging ones?
Our main target market is Europe, although we also focus on the United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Hong Kong. We are approaching Malesia
and Vietnam as emerging markets.
What does the marine industry have in store for us in 2020?
We expect great improvement over the next three years over all market segments, especially those of reference for the Riva brand. Specifically, in the open segment the markets have shown above-average growth in the last year. A positive response was also detected in other segments where the Riva brand has recently entered. In general, the market is growing and active regarding exports and the production of large steel yachts. Shipowners have been asking for customized offers more and more. We have captured this feeling of the market, and we have specialized with the Riva Superyachts Division and the Ancona Superyacht Yard in the production of platforms ranging from 50 to 95 meters.
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