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Miro of Wonders: Mixing Mirror


Miro of Wonders: Mixing Mirror, Art, and Decor

Pablo Picasso asked: “Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?” With Mirò – the latest creation from SPX Lab – the answer could be that a mirror is a photographer, a surface to reflect on, and a painter all rolled into one. Mirò is a combination of art and luxury, design and the highest technology invisible to the user’s eyes. Its designers have conceived in one unique space – we call it a mirror, but as soon as you draw near it the concept becomes reductive – a surface to look at yourself in the mirror, that also shows your backside, can zoom in to show details, and even becomes a screen that projects works of art.

Is it a piece of furniture? Yes, it is that too, or perhaps the most significant piece as soon as you notice it. Because Mirò certainly gets noticed, at different levels and dimensions. The first because it is pleasing to the eye, included in the furnishing context of a house, an atelier, a luxurious hall or entryway, a gallery, or a shop. This is on account of its frames, ranging from very contemporary (Fellini) to more classic (Sofia) and to limited editions, in gold leaf and precious woods. But also because you can decide to transform it into a canvas and show a painting or even browse and enjoy an entire collection, depending on your mood and inspiration. The choice is infinitely clever and classy for an upscale home or exhibition space, since it could become an elegant catalogue of living art.

The second level profoundly ties the mirror to our image, because it always remains a mirroring surface, used to identify oneself and give value. For those who need to carefully observe a detail, perhaps in a make-up session, the mirror enlarges the image with a simple hand gesture. For those who need to inspect hair or a dress, to see how it falls down the back, the mirror is equipped with invisible technology that allows you to take a look from all sides.

The third level is the surprise of an object that is complex, studied down to the last detail, and hides the latest tech supports. In fact, Mirò has such a large collection of technology inside that it can act as an assistant to your state of mind: it can control house lighting depending on your mood, choose the right music, offer detailed images, or draw shapes and thoughts on its surface, recalling documents, objects, and figures. It is a continuation of our arm that culminates with our hand, and it draws, guides objects, and mirrors. If Picasso were here today, he would find the answer to his questions.

Web: www.spxlab.com

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