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Melania Dalla Costa.
“Captured” through the Lens
of Giovanni Gastel

Salotto di Milano, la nuova lussuosa shopping house di Milano, fa da cornice alla mostra monografica di Melania Dalla Costa scattata dal Maestro Giovanni Gastel.

Salotto di Milano, the new luxurious “shopping house” in Milan, is the setting for a monographic photo exhibition of Melania Dalla Costa, shot by the master Giovanni Gastel. The stage and screen actress is passionate about acting under the guidance of great masters. Following an important role in the TV series “Un posto al sole,” she was part of the cast of “Immaturi” and then arrived on the big screen in “Cotton Price” in 2016.



Her elegance, talent, and versatility distinguish her from other emerging stars of Italian cinema. It is during an exclusive Vanity Fair event that she meets Giovanni Gastel, after the presentation of “Stato di Ebrezza” at the Cannes Film Festival. Melania tells us about the emotion of their first meeting in Gastel’s studio: “a dream that has come true.”


A gentleman. “I remember his words as I was in front of his lens: ‘even if you have been a model, today you are an actress and you have to give me your soul without posing, interpret a part of you in each shot.’ Every shot is not stolen. I’m watching you. Capture me.” The exhibition “Capture” is being held until December 20, 2018 at the Salotto di Milano.


It is a true luxury salon featuring fashion, accessories, jewelry, design, and art all enclosed within Made in Italy, a concept of excellence. Thanks to its exhibition space, the Melania Dalla Costa exhibit represents a oneof- its-kind photographic installation, confirming yet again the greatness of photographer Giovanni Gastel, creator of the works. The woman’s beauty is represented by sensitivity and elegance, creating a refined and hospitable atmosphere in the “Salotto.”

@ph Giovanni Gastel

La shopping house del lusso nel quadrilatero della moda meneghina
Web: www.salottomilanese.it

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