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Master of the sea

| ICONIC YACHT| Delfina Remi

The Permare Group was created in the 1970s by founder Fernando Amerio out of his great passion for the sea. Today it has come to stand for excellence in the field of Italian shipbuilding with international recognition. Practicality in traditional craftsmanship combined with a strong spirit of experimentation defines Amer Yachts – Permare Group. The company based out of Sanremo is led by Barbara Amerio, and described in the following interview.
You were multiple-award-winners at Le Fonti Awards at Palazzo Mezzanotte and Eco-design Queen at the Teatro Sociale in Como – tell us about these recent achievements.
The nautical world is made up of large, highly structured groups that are less responsive to new developments; industrial productions on large platforms, balance sheets and production numbers call the shots. Our approach is totally different and flexible: firsthand participation by owners, quality, and innovative experimentation come before everything else. This has allowed us to grow in spite of recession and to become a strategic partner of Volvo Penta. The Swedish company is at the forefront of system integration linked to their new propulsion system thanks to the foresight of Amer Yachts who first adopted them; in fact it stands out in a sector as exclusive as that of superyachts. Being invited to the Italian Stock Exchange to receive such a prestigious award means that something is changing; in recent years the economy and banks increasingly reward courageous companies that go against the trend in order to accommodate consumers who are ethical and responsible. The decision to try to do this effectively in our sector was a well-considered family choice already present in 2012 with the Amer Yachts Save the Sea series. It has brought us national and international renown; we have received prestigious awards which have enhanced our product, just as our clients and captains have done, projected towards the future, giving us confidence.
Eco design is another important aspect. The desire to not change the external appearance while adding ecological content, starting to use recycled and recyclable materials, and above all a no-waste concept – far from the classic parameters of luxury – has all awakened the creativity of our suppliers and collaborators. All have equally and enthusiastically participated and contributed to ecological quality, obtaining the highest grade for the Platinum del Rina Greenplus certification received last year at the boat show.
Just as Amer Yachts was also awarded the IDA 2018 International Design Award for the eco-friendly project Amer 94’ Twin Superleggera: this was an important recognition for you… It was a great honor for all the Permare Group. The team started with reducing consumption which has become a real obsession for us, together with the search for materials and construction processes in line with the circular economy. We have worked on lightening materials, saving up to 20 tons, which in a virtuous cycle helps to consume less, reduce fuel weight and perform with lower engine power. A boat that is able to sail from Venice to Monte Carlo with a full tank of 5,000 liters, without refueling, is a record-breaking boat (at 9 knots it consumes 3.1 liters/mile) but it was not enough for us. We adopted 14 innovative components on board. We were the first to install a wheelhouse designed and built with a 3D printer with ABS and PET. This is to show the impact of new technologies available that will help us reduce the use of fiberglass which is a large problem regarding end of life that sooner or later all shipyards will have to face. We are already working on it…
Environmental sustainability is now one of the main objectives in every project: what was the reason for choosing alternative energy?
The types of motors mainly used on superyachts are internal combustion engines, and with this type of engine we are the most advanced in the reduction of consumption and emissions. We are waiting for the launch of the Volvo Penta hybrid that will be put on the market in 2021 which we have used for simulations. The entire engine room will be revolutionized and we expect great change even with new-generation batteries. We are also studying performance with eco-compatible construction materials and biofuel (hvo) which our engines are designed for even if they are not currently available on the market in Italy.
What has the response for these types of boats been like from shipowners?
Amer Yachts equipped with Volvo Penta IPS engines have been very successful and are also highly regarded for rental use; consumption is so low with Amer that with fuel savings you can gain charter days or a farther transfer, and its great stability and silence is also appreciated. With IPS, having eliminated the vibration typical of traditional engines, you can finally enjoy total comfort onboard even during navigation; furthermore, the engines are more compact and allow for more space below deck as well as a larger garage tender. We are surrounded by noise pollution. The sea is an environment that promises great serenity and peace; it is a cure for the stress of everyday life. We say that on an Amer it can be better appreciated by respecting nature more.
Does the interior concept reflect technical innovation and eco-friendly ideas or deliberately follow a more traditional path?
We custom build, we have designed for all types of clientele: contemporary Italian style prevails abroad. We try to adapt that custom with an Amer influence that is identified by superior quality and a very meticulous finish with sophisticated details that are still totally artisanal. Interiors are very clean and play on symmetry in the décor; the transparency and use of contrasting color choices are another feature of the shipyard. Examples of implemented choices include slate, cork, micromineral upholstery, eulithe, 100% natural or recycled fabrics and carpets, rechargeable lamps, Airlite which improves air quality, recycled teak, carbon bathroom fixtures, and plastic-free handles.
Future projects?
We are abuzz for new projects, and we dream big. The market is expansive and particularly responsive; system integration will win at a technical level. In terms of design new regulations tend to support low consumption and emissions, and we will decide the design based on upcoming shows and our clients’ essential input. We don’t have a defined project in mind yet. However, it will certainly be destined to break the mold, and it will be future-orientated continuing with the ecosustainable development program. We are looking forward to seeing you at upcoming shows to talk about them. We have big celebrations planned for this year but it’s still too early to discuss them.
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