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Limitless – Jet Concept Interior

ICONIC JET | Asia Bernardini

“The VVIP interior concepts for the A350-900 and B787-9 were designed to give potential clients a real feeling of the impressive space and design possibilities of new generation aircraft”, explains Elisabeth Harvey, Director Design, Jet Aviation Basel Completions.

“Aviation interior design is becoming ever more sophisticated, and we wanted to showcase this in our designs”. In 1967, Swiss entrepreneur Carl Hirschmann had an idea. He had seen the rise of private aviation in the United States and predicted that its arrival in Europe was imminent. So he set up a dedicated maintenance facility at Basel EuroAirport. Today, Jet Aviation has grown from one hangar in Switzerland to more than 30 facilities throughout the world, offering not just maintenance, but also charter, staffing, private terminals and aircraft interior completions.

This undisputed ascent finds its ultimate expression in “Limitless” concept interior: interiors for a new generation of composite airframes from both Boeing and Airbus. Originally inspired by and designed for clients from the Middle East, the interiors were a contemporary take on classic styles, featuring prestigious fabrics and innovative furnishings.

Highlights include a full-height shower cabin and an electro-chromatic glass divider that separates the open space living area, exemplifying the flexibility of interior design that meets high technology, seen in finishing touches and refined materials such as sculpted and woven leather panels, inlaid details, works of art lit within niches, and sculptures.

“Both aircraft designs had a significant emphasis placed on ambient and accent lighting”, Harvey continues. The “Limitless” concepts have achieved impressive recognition in the industry, with the Boeing 787-9 “Limitless” reaching the final of the Society of British and International Design Awards in November 2016, and both the B787 and A350 designs selected for the Design et Al Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017.

“These designs reflect both the craftsmanship that goes into our completions, and the commitment we give to new technology and constant improvement”, concludes Matthew Woollaston, Vice President Completions Sales & Design. “As a design studio within a completions center, the Jet Aviation Basel Design Studio is able to draw on accurate engineering and production data, giving them the confidence to create innovative, bespoke designs”.


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