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Lights, Shapes, and Colors

ICONIC ART | Luigi Lanaro

Over time, many figurative artists have tried to identify with a signature style, easily recognizable and traceable to the same hand, either self-produced or as part of an art trend linked to a specific historical-artistic period.

The “Futurism” or “New Pop” movements are of course easily identified by color – it is the main protagonist, it is never aggressive yet it expresses a strong identity. Shapes in Perspex leave room for transparency, so that not everything is told by color and form but allows interpretation, perhaps with a spirit of identification, and always with admiration and amazement.

The whole thing comes to life embracing the world of cabaret, music, dance, or simply everyday life – as a protagonist, however. In his works of art, Marco Lodola unequivocally identifies with primary colors – in sculptures, with paints on canvas or Perspex, with lighting boxes or by applying colored papers on canvases for which the artist is historicized. He is a tireless producer of shapes that portray lively and energetic scenes from shows or intimate moments; Lodola’s works attract attention on websites and at every modern and contemporary art show because of the recognizable contemporary style “adapting to the new”, or the minimalism that only seems simple at first glance.

Deodato Arte in Milan is definitely an expert on this, as it officially represents the artist, not only by marketing his works but also by archiving them. The goal is to take care of more than forty years of artistic work done with endless energy. This includes collaboration with well-known companies in various sectors, which have all entrusted their images to the artist for provisional products that successfully helped them to stand out. Marco Lodola comes from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Milan, and while he is originally from the province of Pavia, he lives and works in a large space, called “Lodolandia” by his closest friends and collectors.



His large sculptures have been exhibited in Pavia, Alessandria, Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Udine, Venice, Brussels, Monte-Carlo, San Paolo, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro, just to name a few places. His collaboration with the international event “Stresa and Lake Maggiore Musical Weeks” is renowned, celebrating its 40th edition in 2001 with a multitude of multinational companies such as Swatch, Coca Cola, Vini Ferrari, Titan, Nonino, Valentino, Coveri, Fabbri, Mirabili, Shenker, Lauretana, Smemoranda, Gierre, and Galze Gallo. His projects also extend abroad in Lyon, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, and even reach other continents, like in the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China. His countless collaborations with musicians, writers, and cultural and theatrical organizations stretch from the end of the 20th century to the start of the 21st and continue today.

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