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Just outside Rome

ICONIC POLO| Emanuele Melani

Among the scents and mild breezes of the Roman countryside, lies the Acquedotto Romano Polo Club, a unique place where history, tradition, and elegance come together in the sportive art of polo. The Club stretches over 80 hectares where the ancient Aqua Alexandrina originates, built in 226 AD at Emperor Alexander Severus’ wishes.

The Club’s mission is to spread polo culture and practice by involving youngsters and adults who want to try out this fascinating sport. The structure’s crown jewel is the Bermuda grass polo field (270 x 140 m) where the club organizes tournaments. It is considered by enthusiasts, professional players, and polo managers to be one of the best polo fields in the country.

The Acquedotto Romano consists of a stick & ball field with Bermuda grass (165 x 70 m), a sand arena (100 x 50 m) and a covered one (38 x 18 m), a pasture and paddocks with huts, and a stable able to accommodate 70 horses, in addition to a clubhouse and accommodations for guests and grooms.

The Club gives lessons and customized packages for adults and children with professional players, spreading passion for polo, and also provides a way to approach the equestrian world by offering paths and horseback rides to its clients. The structure’s horses are taken care of at all times throughout the year with dedication and passion.

These beautiful animals are cared for with constant veterinary monitoring, specialized blacksmith services, training focused on polo, and large paddocks where they can be refreshed during rest periodswith domestic alfalfa and high quality feed. Elegance, quality, andpassion are the pillars of polo as a sport, as well as the Acquedotto Romano Polo Club as an organization, which doesn’t overlook solidarity or collaboration either.

In fact, the Club organizes “Polo of Smiles”, a sporting event that attracts numerous participants each year. Through its fundraising campaign, it supports the Operation Smile Italy ONLUS Foundation, a group of doctors and health professionals involved in national and international projects to care for children born with severe facial malformations. This proves how polo can become much more than a sport; it is a means of spreading devotion and care for others.



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