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Ode to Materials

ICONIC DESIGN| Chiara Melani

“My job is to give life through my aesthetic perception.” – Giorgio Armani

There is a visual lightness from the materials, a perfect harmony of Armani fashion’s fascinating and complex history, amid trends of contemporary art and design, filtered by taste and passion that identify the unique and inimitable style. It is a mix of urbanand natural, an elegant interweaving of variegated materials, references to hermetic gardens with shades of red, indigo, green, and precious petroleum blue.

The new Armani Casa collection features the innovative combination of wood and plexi, creating a flow of warmth and cold transparency, where the dim methacrylate backdrops imply the furniture’s consistency. Take the Net table for example, a small stand inspired by a checkerboard motif: the inlay alternates methacrylate resin with natural Canaletto walnut. The unique works are an ode to materials and artisan craftsmanship.

The sophisticated workmanship is also applied to Novello – a two level cart, Nilo – a low square table, and the light and compact Nadia lamp. The Nathalie armchair features tapered legs in solid wood, contrasting the fabric covering it. Characteristic signs of the creator are recurrent in every collection. Norigami is essential; it is a sectional table, summarized by lightness, functionality, and design. A continual search for new materials and finishes is revealed in Esagono, available in various materials such as wonderful marbled wood in the vertical structure, and different shades on the top. The Morfeo bed is unique and original; the mattress is supported by pure and light floating patterns between the headboard and footboard.

Melrose is a series of low round tables with white gold striped stucco tops and light polished brass legs, also exemplifying originality. Architecture redesigns spaces and lines, shadows and reflections, amidst oriental lamps that delicately filter light and shade. Featuring a bronze methacrylate diffusor and light polished brass, Nelly has the charm of Chinese lanterns. Noriko is marked by cylindrical lines, dark green leather upholstery, and a crescent diffusor.


Night features a pure structure, from the diffusor and stem upholstered in dark green leather to the light polished brass base as thin as folded paper. Last but not least, the limited edition Nema lamp is made of selenite, a rare mineral stone called gem of angels for its light color with natural streaks. The entire collection’s common thread is the attention to everyday objects and shades of lighting design, a distinctive sign of Giorgio Armani’s class and elegance.


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