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Imperial Flavors


Octavius Augustus defined it as a small island, yet worthy of welcoming even imperial men: Capri, with all its natural and artistic wonders, has never ceased to draw poets, writers, actors, and rulers from every generation and nation.

From ancient Roman emperors and Maksim Gor’kij, Curzio Malaparte and Pablo Neruda, all the way to Vittorio De Sica, Marcello Mastroianni, Sofia Loren and Valentino, the island famous for the Faraglioni and the Blue Grotto has always been the destination of choice for illustrious figures in every field.

Throughout the world, Capri is known to be synonymous with charm and beauty. In every corner of the island, you can breathe tradition, art, and history, as well as the magnificent scents of Mediterranean cuisine at “Gennaro Amitrano”’s restaurant.

Just a stone’s throw away from the square that is the heart of Capri, Chef Amitrano’s elegant restaurant is located at via dell’Abate 3. It provides a unique and private setting where diners can leisurely savor the cuisine – original yet simple, honoring gastronomic traditions of both Italy and the region of Campania.



In an intimate space accommodating 20 guests, the restaurant’s furnishings recall the colors of Capri’s land and sea in every aspect, which is also from where Chef Amitrano draws inspiration when creating his dishes. “An important part of my journey are the places I’ve lived and still live today: the scents of the land, the sea, the colors of olive flowers, rosemary, Scotch broom, the smell of ripe tomatoes in summer and Chef Gennaro Amitrano fish that smell of the sea.

These are not just memories but they are a constant inspiration to my creativity”, says Chef Amitrano.The young chef ’s father imparted on him a passion for culinary arts, which was refined thanks to guidance from multi-starred Master Chef Gianfranco Vissani, and collaboration with the renowned Alain Ducasse at Louis XV in Monte Carlo.

Respect for quality ingredients together with technique and continuous innovation make Ristorante “Gennaro Amitrano”’s dishes an example of cuisine that is attentive to modern needs but never far from tradition.

Served under his careful eye, the refined culinary offerings demonstrate the Chef ’s love and passion for Capri and all its beauty.


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