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Gold Leaf

ICONIC DESIGN | Asia Bernardini

The art of gilding is a ancient technique dating back to the Egyptians, used to embellish wood and metals. The extensive use of gilding spread most of all during the period of the Roman Republic and continued through the centuries that followed, adorning jewelry, statues, frames, artistic paper, small objects, architectural details, and luxury furniture.

Applying gold-plating to Armani/Casa furniture is an entirely manual process done by master artisans who apply thin 12-carat gold leaves (0.2 microns thick) onto wood with only the help of a brush. This is how the NELSON table was created, featuring a rectangular suspended surface that gives the whole structure a unique lightness.

The legs are bridge-shaped with a rectangular section, available in two different finishes: an antique brown oak base structure with top and legs in gold leaf, or a luxurious polished bronze inlaid straw top with a motif repeated throughout the surface, together with a matte black maple structure and methacrylate legs. Both versions are available with extensions (just 240 centimeters) or without (either 240 or 280 centimeters).

It is a work of art completely Made in Italy, 2.40 meters long and 1.10 meters wide, and takes about three weeks to make with a person who takes care of the finishing: there are many meticulous phases in preparing a panel that is sanded and polished, then painted with three coats of neutral-colored opaque varnish similar to gold leaf color. Then a design is created on the panel to determine placement of the gold leaves that will be applied according to their size.


The most delicate phase is the application that is divided into two parts: taking the gold leaf and its placement. Once positioned, they are fixed one at a time with a soft cloth to reinforce the fixing and ensure a smooth and homogeneous surface. Subsequently, a coat of transparent insulating varnish is applied to prevent oxidation, and then two more coats of transparent varnish are applied to get a completely smooth surface. In the last phase, the varnish is polished and brushed with a polishing paste to get the maximum transparent
effect, and give depth to the finish. Here is the Nelson creation that will radiate throughout its surroundings with refined design.


Web: www.armani.com/casa/it/

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