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From Asia to Africa Luxury that Dazzles

ICONIC JEWELS | Alessio Patti

Its beauty is unique, original, unconventional, and at the same time exciting, without being overly sentimental. Marco Bicego returns with two new collections, able to satisfy not just visually and esthetically but also able to evoke incomparable emotions. We’re talking about “Marrakech Supreme” and “Africa”. The new Marrakech Supreme creations feature a wide gold spiral, marked by an irregular wave, recreated in bracelets and necklaces that hug a woman’s body, giving her a feeling of precious touch.

It is a clear reference to the bond between Mother Nature and her children, forming a luxurious and heavenly harmony with precious stones and materials. The new jewelry also allows for flexible combinations, creating a colorful look that is also characteristic and recognizable. We travel from the lands of Africa towards Asia and the impressive Himalayan wilderness. It is precisely in the lands of Mount Everest that Mattioli reinterprets a model presented twenty years ago, a forerunner of a brilliant intuition: “Tibet”. In Tibet, in fact, tradition calls for a mother to pass a special ring onto her daughter, each loop on the ring representing a year of marriage with her husband.

Licia Mattioli shines her creative past, decoding into a new key, the sweetness of this tradition and brings forth an equally romantic design, while also incredibly unique. Even Svarowski finds new inspiration.

The “Latisha” range, inspired by flowers, is the pride of the collection, and opts for the ever-present combination of black and white. With black crystals on one side and white on the other, the Latisha necklace and bracelet are very versatile pieces of jewelry. The earrings are decorated with pearls, and can be combined with removable jackets in the spirit of asymmetrical trends.

The “Sparkling Dance” family is a delightful alternative and shines thanks to an innovative “dancing crystal” concept, magnificently catching the light with the slightest movement. This year, the line is enriched with sparkling floral motifs making a statement that is glamorous and feminine, suitable for everyday use. Last but not least, Tiffany reveals a new collection of watches that are elegant, modern, fashionable, and original with a distinctive design. Tiffany Metro watches redefine the past with extraordinary design created for contemporary women, offering a wide range of beautiful dials, cases, and straps, as well as a sophisticated steel bracelet with wavy lines. The wide variety of details allows the wearer to choose the most suitable style for any occasion, day or evening. Another perfect ten for the company, always in step with modernity and elegance.

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