Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

Fragments of Stars

ICONIC JEWELS | Chiara Melani

There is eternal love that can simply be recounted and left to admire. The sacredness of this encounter becomes superior art and eternal beauty. “Everything stems from an idea, and it was that of my father, Carlo Re, to found our company in Valenza in 1967. It was an artisanal jewelry workshop where he began designing the first men’s collections,” Paolo Re, current Vice President of Recarlo, tells us. Together with his brother Giorgio and mother Bruna, they provide continuity to a project that has become the reference point for Italian jewelry: Recarlo.

Paolo Re

“From an early age, we lived and shared the art of jewelry. As time passed, we came to a point where everything could have either been a burden oran opportunity,” he continues. “That was the turning point, the opportunity turned into a generational passing that now continues with a combination of tradition and innovation that is seen in the company’s key principles: design, production, and managerial assets. Underlying it all is a passion for diamonds, carefully selected and renowned throughout the world for their unique brilliance, purity, and inspections certifying their high quality. Recarlo is distinguished by its value for beauty. “Our creations have essential values, including heritage, style, uniqueness, and the mark of Made in Italy. In fact, our company color – royal blue – is a tribute to our land, Piedmont, an unequivocal symbol that recognizes Made in Italy throughout the world.


”The company’s gemologists select stones with the highest quality standards, looking for unique shading and purity, in order to find the maximum expression in solitaires, an emblem of Recarlo’s philosophy of style and femininity. “We create unique pieces, giving exclusivity, allowing you to indulge in the luxury of a unique sensorial experience. From design to the final work of art, Recarlo’s unforgettable and signature style is found in the choice of raw materials, shapes, and cuts,” continues Paolo Re. Couturier of dreams that become reality, the elite project Punta di Diamante arose in collaboration with select jewelers. Jewelry is designed and developed together with partners involved in the entire creative process: from choosing a model from the maison’s various styles to the diamond itself, set in a one of a kind way, unique for each jewelry piece. An authentic gemological certificate, a certificate of uniqueness, the original designs, and sophisticated packaging bear witness to an idea of everlasting elegance. Anniversary, Florence, or a never before seen Recarlo solitaire become the expression of everlasting, extraordinary love.

“Love over everything,” is interpreted and immortalized in the new marketing campaign by international photographer Max Cardelli. A noire snapshot captures two faces whose features form a heart, the tip joined by an Anniversary solitaire, which is part of the brand’s iconic collection. A classic valentine is gently wrapped in an embrace that gives rise to a diamond set with four hearts. It is the seal of a promise: “you are mine forever.” It is a heart that guards a relationship, and a unique history.



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