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Eternal Hospitality

ICONIC HOTEL | Autore Asia Bernardini

In the heart of the Eternal City in Piazza della Repubblica, the first 5-star luxury hotel opened in 2003. Palazzo Naiadi Roma features 238 rooms, 2 spectacular restaurants, an incomparable terrace overlooking Rome, and exclusive wellness center, and an unparalleled Business Center, suspended over ancient Roman excavations. Class, comfort, and timely efficiency all accompany each stay thanks to a team of experts who impart the art of hospitality. Exclusive interview with Piero Magino, General Manager Palazzo
Naiadi, The Dedica Anthology.

Piero Magrino – General Manager Palazzo Naiadi Rome – you have a distinguished international career among the most prestigious luxury establishments. Is the hôtellerie your vocation?
I have certainly always had an inclination towards hôtellerie and hotel life has always fascinated me; it is a true calling that I’ve had since childhood. I love the world of hotels and this pushed me and still pushes me to embrace projects both in Italy and abroad. It is a privilege for me to have achieved this title and to work for a prestigious hotel like Palazzo Naiadi The Dedica Anthology in the splendid setting of the Capital.

How did you end up here at Palazzo Naiadi?
As with many things, you have to be the right person at the right time, and if you believe it things will come true. I needed to return to Italy after almost four years in St. Petersburg in Russia, and after
a brief project in Venice, the doors to Palazzo Naiadi opened up, where I have had the pleasure of working for the last three and a half years.

What does enhancing Made in Italy mean in a hotel?
The Made in Italy brand is intended not only as a creation situatedin our country, but as a perception of the product as a whole: it represents a real intangible asset. In our case, enhancing it means highlighting the concepts of elegance and attention to detail, presenting and being a part of a contemporary and well-finished hôtellerie, which characterizes the hotels belonging to The Dedica
Anthology, such as Palazzo Naiadi. We want guests to fall in love with life in our hotel lobby; how we can anticipate their needs, we hope that guests appreciate Rome and its centuries-old charm,
based on the knowledge and suggestions the team is ready to give; or that guests simple take a break to sit and admire the works of art exhibited by contemporary artists. The goal is achieved if our
customers remember their experiences – a particular menu or the view that our rooms offer – and if they want to experience it again on other occasions, becoming loyal to Palazzo Naiadi.

Why does a guest choose to return to Palazzo Naiadi rather than go to another structure in Rome?
Palazzo Naiadi The Dedica Anthology is an architectural jewel in the heart of Rome thanks to its elegant façade and majestic structure. A charming hotel with an important history, it is located in the splendid setting of Piazza della Repubblica, with a view overlooking the Fountain of the Naiads and Michelangelo’s Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels. Dating back to 1887, with a wing built in 1705 by Pope Clement XI as a Vatican grain warehouse, Palazzo Naiadi overlooks the ancient complex of the Baths of Diocletian, whose foundations and mosaics can be admired through the cellar floor. History is everywhere in Rome, and here you can enjoy it to the fullest, in particular from its magical posh terrace with wonderful swimming pool, admiring the sunset over the rooftops of the Eternal City. In addition to all of this, there is the skillful dedication of the people who work there that make the stay unique.

What do you find here that you can’t find elsewhere?
Palazzo Naiadi is the perfect choice for the sophisticated traveler, one looking for a five-star luxury experience in Rome, with a balance between high standards and an elegant atmosphere.

What makes this hotel an icon of luxury?
The versatility, attention to detail, the allure that surrounds it are some of the strengths of the uniqueness and elegance of Palazzo Naiadi. For example, the Presidential Suite is a private apartment with a panoramic view over the city; bright and spacious, it is the ideal refuge for those who love to indulge in the very best. The suite is also connected to a Deluxe Room, in case of need for a second support room. The Executive Suites are also very prestigious, designed for the contemporary traveler, full of colors and characterized by elegant furnishings.

A hotel full of great charm for unforgettable emotions…
The elegant and unique spaces of Palazzo Naiadi have been the setting for many couples who chose it to celebrate their weddings (the famous 2003 nuptials of Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy and Clotilde Courau). It is also an increasingly popular location in the world of cinema: it has been the set to different national and international productions, and has even started a collaboration with the David di Donatello Award. For an unforgettable gourmet experience, Palazzo Naiadi suggests the gourmet restaurant Tazio with the mastery of Chef Niko Sinisgalli, which evokes Roman charm from the era of Federico Fellini and the Dolce Vita.

What is the philosophy of Palazzo Naiadi?
The principal of our group has always been to create a place where people want to stay and return to. Guests can enjoy unique experiences during their stay with us. Furthermore, a love for art is pivotal to Palazzo Naiadi: to mention the last project carried out in collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Palazzo Naiadi presented and welcomed a show for one month on stage costumes from Don Giovanni directed by Maestro Zeffirelli from the 2005/2006 season – “From the Atelier to the Stage.” We are proud of this project in collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. It was a prestigious opportunity that confirms our willingness to proactively contribute to the capital’s cultural life with artistic ventures.

Can you tell us about the prestigious group The Dedica Anthology which Palazzo Naiadi is a part of?
With headquarters in Milan, The Dedica Anthology has a portfolio of hotels throughout Italy and Europe: Rome, Venice, Prague, Budapest, Florence, Nice. Every hotel, each with its own design, offers a new style of service. The brand “Dedica” indicates the art of taking care of guests at a hotel; “Anthology” describes the collection of unique stories of every hotel and its guests. The Dedica Anthology creates places of inspiration and rituals in lines with the contemporary lifestyle of international guests, becoming a pioneer of a new vision of polished, contemporary hôtellerie.

Future projects?
As already mentioned, the collaboration with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is an integral part of the construction process of The Dedica Anthology brand, which has launched a series of events related to the art world. During 2019, The Dedica Anthology promoted the work of living artists in its hotels through various means, to highlight
the group’s brand promise: a new form of curated, contemporary hôtellerie, like the reading organized in May 2019 at Palazzo Naiadi with poet-writer Gabriele Tinti and New Zealand actor Marton Csokas. n coming months we will present new projects in the world of art, thanks to collaboration with the London art gallery The Dame Art
Gallery, which organizes numerous vernissages with contemporary artists at our library.

Web: dahotels.com/palazzo-naiadi-roma/it

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