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ICONIC DESIGN | Chiara Melani

“I see myself as a storyteller. Clients hire me to write their biographies, but instead of words I use fabrics, furniture, architectural elements and of course personal items to them” (Meredith Heron).

Intuition, passion, and creativity. A thorough and elite search for refined materials in the creation and design of spaces are among the key pillars of “Cinzia Bulciolu Luxury Yachting Service”: provide unique, personalized services for super yachts, villas, and luxury hotels, through a dedicated study in perfect collaboration with each client.

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Parigi, Londra, Tokyo: the first stages that marked the “cruising” start for interior designer Cinzia Bulciolu.



Prestigious and lasting experience in design as well as involvement in top exhibitions and international business lounges were the creative forces behind the Tuscan entrepreneur’s when she established “Cinzia Bulciolu Luxury Yachting Services”. “Numerous specialized companies collaborate with me on this project.

It is all inclusive: from packaging and interior design to architectural firms, the best gourmet selections, quality wines and oils, aroma and chromotherapy, wrapping and glass coating (for this I use a specialized team that works in Italy, and directly on-site when abroad), specialized medical visits, general practitioners and health specialists to keep the crew in good health, crew uniforms, and floral arrangements.

In addition, we also provide Maltese flag registrations for commercial and private yachts”, states Cinzia Bulciolu. This integral service is designed to provide ad hoc multifaceted solutions.

“In Italy, I represent a well-known Maltese company that works in the industry, supported by a team of accountants who handle the registration process and take care of all of the client’s needs. I rely on experts who are specialized in consulting and legal assistance”, she concludes.

And it isn’t just design; collaboration with an eminent Milanese company adds to the decorative design with aromatic oils and Bach flower effusions, natural products for both emotional and physical well-being.



Their therapeutic properties help you to indulge in the sophisticated atmosphere surrounded by light fragrances. To handle stress and tiredness, new sound technology in 6D “Pillow 6D2” is designed to provide total relaxation.

A thorough analysis of clients’ needs together with an intensive study of innovative solutions put the individual in synergic harmony with the surrounding environment, developing a design line that recreates an atmosphere of regal wellness.

Projects are created through a detailed study of each client with the best from each sector, and therefore the most important figures and companies have chosen “Cinzia Bulciolu Luxury Services”, such as Lusben – leader in luxury yacht refit and repair, and Auleum – offering a sensorial essence of select extra virgin olive oil with edible 23-karat gold flakes, just to name a few.

“For interior design, you have to have a real sense of scale, proportion, and class. You have to be connected to this sense. You’re either born with it or you will never have it” (Eleanor Brown McMillen)

Special thanks:  Katia Creazioni

 ph: Laura Scatena

Auleum | Lusben


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