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Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

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ICONIC JEWELS | Chiara Melani

“I WANTED to capture the sensation of ethereal lightness and the haute couture signature of lace which, like
ribbons, silk and draping, is essential to the Dior lexicon”

Reveals Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie, describing the latest collection that draws inspiration from images in Christian Dior’s archives, with embroidery and arabesques creating necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings filled with emeralds, blue and pink sapphires, rubies, tanzanite, and diamonds. Presented at the Haute Couture week in Paris, the Dior Dior Dior collection decorated the Museum of Modern Art; eloquent high fashion treasures of virtuosity were unveiled, including creations that recall snippets of lace that blend into ethereal swirls and spirals, perfectly embracing the ephemeral feminine silhouette. Placing bits of lace on the hand, transforming them into colorful jewels was the original idea behind this collection. Then a return to woven fabrics follows, as intertwinings and arabesques allow

lace to unfurl freely as necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. It is the finest savoir-faire, enhancing the technical ability of the best Parisian ateliers who contributed to the making of these creations: precious metals have been worked with extreme precision, like embroidery threads that illuminate center stones. Jewels seem to have been stitched onto alveoles of golden chiffon, while diamonds have been sculpted like sequins to give a couture effect.

Unforgettable moments, making the person who wears them unique. And they feature the exhilarating signature of Victoire de Castellane: double rings that bridge two fingers, a palm bracelet that retraces lifelines, asymmetrical earrings, sumptuous “hand jewelry” that links a bracelet to a ring with white gold lace sprinkled with flowers and pink spinels. THE SAVOIR-FAIRE OF THE COLLECTION DIOR DIOR DIOR.


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