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Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

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Details of Light

ICONIC JEWELS | Asia Bernardini

A nuance of golden colors, intense shades of dark blue, sapphire, burgundy, and emerald add new charm to both day and evening looks. And so the new Swarovski fall/winter collection expresses its vision of femininity with contemporary silhouettes: layered pendants and charms, bold cocktail rings, delicate designs, and finely decorated earrings. The Swarovski Remix Collection promises a sparkling autumn, with multiple expressions possible thanks to the addition of new Swarovski Remix Charm line with shimmering pavé letter beads and colored stone charms. Here exclusively for Good Style Magazine, Swarovski’s distinctive brilliance is told. Here exclusively for Good Style Magazine, Nathalie Colin tells of Swarovski’s distinctive brilliance.



Can you describe the style of your jewelry in three key words?
Modern, feminine, glamour … and a bit daring – these elements all together make the Swarovski collection absolutely irresistible.


What are your creative inputs?

As a Creative Director you have to live and even sleep with all your senses open and be receptive for everything that happens around you and that will have an impact on both aesthetic and socio-cultural shifts. I am constantly looking for new artistic expressions in art, design, films and of course literature and music that is a constant inspiration for me. But also politics, ethic and ecological topics, as well as technical innovation will have an impact on my new collections. I always push my designers to have the same openness and curiosity for what’s happening in the world. You don’t have to like what you see – but you have to be able to at least learn from another person’s viewpoint or visual language. That’s why travelling and learning from other’s people’s cultures is such a rich source for creation.




Where does your inspiration come from?

Every season starts with a blank page, but we have this wonderful material that is crystal that is a constant source for design inspiration. Crystal is filled with light and color, and we have so many cuts and shapes of stones, and different techniques to work with, that every collection can look different. Then I also research Swarovski’s rich heritage and DNA to make sure that we always respect what the brand stands for. Nature (flowers, animals, insects… is always a recurring inspiration, or elements like water or the starry sky. Then of course we need to look what is happening in the fashion world to make sure that we propose ion-trend silhouettes and a variety of styling tips so that we appeal to all our different types of consumers all around the world.

Tell us about your latest FW “Crystal Tales” collection. What is the creative process behind jewelry design?

Every collection must have a strong unique signature and a seductive storytelling that will capture our consumers. The founder Daniel Swarovski already knew from the start how to capture attention by telling fascinating stories about our crystal. Since then, the rich company history, our DNA and exceptional mastery of faceting are still used to create beautiful storytelling that both excite and seduce our consumers. This season I wanted to leave the digital and fast paced world behind, and go back to the more traditional way of telling stories. More of fables and fairytales than overdosing on Instagram selfies. It is also a strong celebration of nature ( and diversity of nature which is so much at risk), a theme

very rooted in Swarovski DNA. So with this CRYSTAL TALES collection that I designed together with our talented trend spotters and designers, we walk into an enchanted forest where we meet cute animals and pretty insects, we find beautiful foliage and flowers, and vintage style jewels inspired by the remains in an abandoned manor.

Who is the Swarovski woman you are referring to?

She is the modern and feminine woman of today. Strong, empowered, equal, but not aggressive. She is seductive and a bit daring – and wants to express her style and unique personality.

Can you reveal any news about the upcoming col- lection?
As always, the collection has a very wide range of silhouettes and styles. But I think that everyone will be surprised to see how the Swarovski craftsmanship has gone to a new level of refinement, with exquisite details and mixes of unique techniques that make every piece stunning: with crystal pearls, beading, new metal textures… This season there is definitely a touch of humor or surprise embedded in many of the designs: like the fox ear rings, the owl ring, the spider brooch or the beetle necklaces. But one thing is still there as in all collections before: the fantastic and unique sparkle of Swarovski crystal!


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