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Cultivation of Chandeliers

ICONIC DESIGN |Asia Bernardini

Ever since 1724, Bohemian crystal glass traditions and Preciosa Lighting have enchanted by harmonizing light and design, creating precious chandeliers that decorate hotels, resorts, starred restaurants, antique palazzos, yachts, and cruise ships from New York to Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, and London.

Crystal Valley in Bohemia is home to Preciosa Lighting, where the region’s natural wealth and most of all these artisanal traditions have remained intact for centuries. The process of melting and modeling Bohemian crystal into works of art began in the 17th century, and nowadays this is the leading area for crystal chandelier production.

Tradition and technology have followed one another over time. Chandeliers are made using ancient Bohemian techniques that have been handed down over the centuries, the properties of crystal are perfected, and pieces have been transformed and recreated to reflect current trends.

Preciosa’s use of vibrant colors, design, and iridescent shapes make it one of the world’s leading companies in the sector of high precision cut crystal. The highest standards of craftsmanship, technical know-how, and its distinctive design have placed Preciosa at the top of the world’s leading crystal manufacturers. Preciosa’s Chandelier Collection includes four special families with unique furnishings. Each collection reflects our heritage, illuminates contemporary styles, and gives new interpretation to interior furnishings.

Every crystal is delicately cut, becoming a piece of sparkly light, rich in detail, designed with precision to ensure maximum brightness from every angle. It promises enduring elegance and unrivaled beauty as a surprisingly extravagant, bold, and classy silhouette. Preciosa lighting and chandeliers decorate the most iconic places in the world, and a new chapter in Bohemian crystal production started in the heart of Prague in 2017. Preciosa’s new flagship store is a tribute to this tradition that is over three hundred years old, and presents this unique craft to new generations.


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