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ICONIC HOTEL | Chiara Melani

You can breathe in the typically Tuscan style in the traditional use of terracotta, stone, and wrought iron that blend with the warm tones of fabrics and the country chic atmosphere: Casa Colonica is a farmhouse with six hundred square meters dating back to the mid-1800s, situated inside the park of Villa La Massa.

Completely remodeled in 2018, the Casa features four new Suites (including a Junior Suite) arranged on two floors, and a kitchen available to guests when it is rented exclusively. In the Junior Suite on the ground floor, uniquely shaped headboards inspired by the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore create a lively atmosphere. Fabrics vary from purple to brick red, as well as shades of orange and emerald green, while wood and brass furnishings are entirely handmade by Tuscan artisans.

Also on the ground floor, in one of the Suite Colonica, enter a color palette that includes ocher, forest green, beige, and Bordeaux; a four-poster bed is made of hand-engraved wood, and embellished with polished antique gray columns. The curtains are made of soft fabrics in neutral colors, and are enhanced by an antique writing desk and a handmade brass and leather lamp. A durmast wooden square floor acts as the backdrop for a hand-knotted silk carpet with 100% natural colors.


Continuing to the first floor, where the ceiling reaches 6.67 meters high, we are enveloped by pale sky blue, ecru, intense light blue, and a brilliant orange red, amidst toleware lamps decorated with light striping, sconces, and a brass floor lamp. Curtains are characterized by drapery in neutral colors, enriched by ash trimmings and bordered by a small orange velvet hem. A hand-knotted silk carpet, with 100% natural colors, features an elegant geometric design with a thin red line that crosses a light background. In the last Suite Colonica, orange, green, and light blue intertwine amidst wooden beams and terracotta ceiling tiles in the fourth suite; here the headboard’s shape evokes a revisited design of ancient heraldic coats, and is padded and covered with light blue and ecru herringbone fabric, wrapped in a pumpkin-colored velvet border. Warm antique ivory bedside tables and a console are set on a hand-knotted silk carpet with 100% natural colors. Finally, the charming internal courtyard features wrought iron chairs, and classic Tuscan furnishings here also characterize the rest of Villa La Massa.


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