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Carolina Crescentini


The unforgettable Anna Magnani said that there is nothing more beautiful than a person “ (…) with the desire to rock the world, even with just a smile.” Her passion for the cinema is reflected in her eyes. She is sophisticatedly determined: Carolina Crescentini.

Abito Dior e gioielli Dior Joaillerie. Sandali Casadei

Thus began our day of chatting between one shot and the next, framed by her contagious smile. The set was the enchanting Presidential Suite at Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, a true icon of the luxury scene there. The suite’s magnificent rooms feature Italian and French design, and are only a prelude to the private pool and spa. Not surprisingly, it is considered by many to be the most extraordinary in the world; not only has it hosted some of the greatest celebrities in history, but many Hollywood movies have been filmed here as well. We will see her soon in the second season of I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone directed by Alessandro D’Alatri. In addition, she says she has just shot a documentary with Gianfranco Gianni for Rai Tre that tells the story of Krizia, among other projects.

Who is Carolina Crescentini today?

An independent and complex woman who is not afraid of falling because she has learned to pick herself up.

When did you realize you wanted to make movies?

I always wanted to live in movies. I wanted to write for films just to be able to see tons of movies and get lost in the poetry. Then at 19, I discovered acting and it was love at first sight.

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You define yourself as a “vertical woman.” What do you mean?
I don’t say so, the wonderful American writer Sylvia Plath says it. I am as cheerful as I am troubled.

What are your talents, other than “wearing” the lives of others?
Listening and empathizing.Taking a plane at the last minute and getting dinner ready for 12 people in 20 minutes.

Tell us about your connection with literature and music.
Literature opens up new perspectives for me, and music lets me get away even while staying still in the same place.


Total look Gucci. Orecchini collezione 4 Chakra e bracciale rigido collezione Giardini Segreti Pasquale Bruni. Anello collezione Anniversary Love e bracciale pavè e anello collezione Eternity Royal Recarlo

You were recently a patroness for the festival Alice nella Città promoting Italian cinema in Asuncion, Paraguay. What was the experience like for you? Film festivals are an opportunity to learn about different cultures and cinematic arts. And to discover places on the other side of the world and realize that we actually all speak the same language: one with our eyes.

Abito con paillettes Dior e gioielli Dior Joaillerie

You aren’t afraid to give your opinion on social and humanitarian issues…
I am an Italian citizen who lives in society and hasn’t forgotten humanity. I believe in people and if I see injustice towards human beings like me, I fight. Everyone should. Indifference and silence are more dangerous and full of complicated responsibility than conscious actions are.

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Where will we see you next?

The second season of I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone will air in October, based on the books by Maurizio di Giovanni and directed by Alessandro D’Alatri. Then there will be a documentary on the life of the designer Krizia, an incredibly charming and independent woman.

Total look Gucci. Gioielli collezione Giardini Segreti Pasquale Bruni

Total look Hermès. Orecchini, bracciale e anello collezione Bouton d’or Van Cleef & Arpels


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Ph: Laura Scatena
Styling: Valeria J Marchetti
Hair: Roberto Rosini – Rop Hair
MakeUp: Alberto Boggeri

Coordinator&Text: Chiara Melani

Backstage: Ginevra Paoli
Photo Assistant: Arianna Bonucci

Location: Hotel Principe di Savoia Milano

Agency: Woolcan


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