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Auleum. Luxury without limits for the Golden Oil

ICONIC TASTE | Licia Bacchiola

Two years after its official launch, today Auleum’s Golden Oil is a symbol of the refinement Made in Italy brings to the world. Its fusion of extra virgin olive oil made from mono cultivar Ligurian Taggiasca olives and edible 23K gold flakes has fascinated important international buyers; they have selected Auleum as an icon of “Italian good taste” in the most exclusive locations from Russia to New Zealand, by way of the Middle East and Asia.

“Our Golden Oil caught the attention of foreign markets right away,” says Rosella Scalone, President of Mega 3, Auleum’s creator company. “Chief amongst them, Russia and the United Arab Emirates have grasped the unique features of this luxury food which really expresses one of the main characteristics that a niche market looks for in an exclusive Made in Italy product: the perfect union between nature and luxury, between true craftsmanship and sophistication in every detail.”

Vietnam, amidst design and culinary passion. The most recent international collaborations have seen the Golden Oil travel to the most sophisticated hotels and lounges in Vietnam. Of key importance was a meeting with PT Casa, a Vietnamese company in the design sector, which presented all the beauty and originality of



Auleum cruets in its luxurious showroom, showing select audiences the characteristics of an excellent high-quality product like extra virgin olive oil. It is precisely the combination of design and elevated sensorial properties that has brought Auleum to one of the most exclusive restaurants in Vietnam. The Reverie Saigon is located in Ho Chi Minh City with an unrivaled view of the Saigon River, and is the only Vietnamese structure to be part of The Leading Hotel of the World group. Inside, Chef Enrico De Martino masterfully leads the kitchen in one of the best Italian restaurants in Southeast Asia – Romeo and Juliet.

And he is aided by Made in Italy culinary excellence – Auleum’s Golden Oil – which becomes an invaluable ingredient in the expert hands of Chef De Martino, transforming every culinary creation into a unique and particular work of art.

A limited edition for the Chinese market. Always looking for inspiration and attentive to luxury novelties, the Chinese market also experienced Auleum’s iconic charm in 2017. The shine of golden flakes, enhanced by the color of extra virgin olive oil, appeared in Hong Kong among the exclusive Luxury Food line in the Gourmet Gift Shop, a point of reference for food lovers looking for superior quality products. Auleum arrived in China for the New Year in 2017, the year of the Rooster, with limited edition packaging – a multi-faceted cruet that was embellished with a never-before-seen Icon top closure in red and gold enameled majolica.



Galas and exclusive partnerships in France and the Principality of Monaco The Golden Oil was selected as first prize for the annual charity raffle organized by philanthropic association Amitié Sans Frontieres of the Principality of Monaco, presided over by Prince Albert. Moreover, it was recently the star of exclusive events in France, at exhibitions dedicated to the most prestigious yachts such as the Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show. Here, a new and important collaboration began between Auleum and an important yachting company, bringing the brightness of Diamond cruets next to the splendor of dream vessels very soon.



Magic that looks beyond.

With this great success, it would therefore seem that the sky’s the limit for the Golden Oil. But even this has been proven wrong, because an agreement was very recently made between Mega 3 and a private jet chartering company, bringing Auleum’s charm to the most exclusive environments at high altitudes. In addition to strengthening existing partnerships, the next step is to cross the ocean, to surprise and illuminate the American market with the taste and shine of all-Italian Golden Oil. Auleum’s strategy is a winning one – it is magical and always dreaming bigger – passing through a refined cruet that shines in an opulent alchemy of gold and oil, revealing to the world all the good Italian taste of knowing how to live and knowing how to do it well.

Web: www.auleum.com

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