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Auleum, an Oil of Gold

ICONIC PLEASURE | Asia Bernardini

Mega3 is the creator of luxury food project Auleum. How did the idea come about for a sui generis food product of excellence?

Auleum is a precious masterpiece of art and craftsmanship that combines extra virgin olive oil and gold and a magical blend of other elements – agricultural wisdom, an artist’s touch, and Italian cultural traditions and skills – in a diamond-shaped cruet. Auleum comes from the idea that one can tell the story of Italy’s excellence through these exclusive and unique details. Mega3’s is committed to presenting Auleum to the world as an ambassador of food marked Made in Italy, and to spreading the elegance of taste – for which Italy is the highest expression – to every country where it’s present in the market.

What role does craftsmanship play in your work?

It is fundamental. Craftsmanship is a passion for beautiful things, it is the idea of creating an object that is unique, precise, perfect in every detail, not standardized, and therefore exclusive. There is no one bottle of Auleum that is like another. Just think that it takes a month of work for Icon, the majolica and gold stopper: the decorative craftsmanship and mastery completes and glorifies the Auleum bottle, making it a one of a kind collector’s item.

Which elements merge and which differ between food and design?

In Italy especially I don’t think elements merge or differ, but rather they have a continual dialogue, a progressive discussion. Italian design and food are both based on a common concept of innovation; don’t settle for state of the art, but always introduce elements of innovation that inspire the best functionality and add surprises. Auleum rediscovers a common product and makes it “unique” by transforming the concept: it becomes a “jewel,” a wonder, and an Italian icon.

What is the relationship between food design and technology? What are the project phases?

Technology is a tool through which food design is expressed in an unusual way: we present Auleum on Touch surfaces which recognize objects placed on them, thus creating an encounter between matter – the golden oil – and non-matter – the agrifood world where it originates. It is the means by which we exhibit and immerse ourselves in the “beauty of oil”.

What upcoming events are in store for Auleum?

Mega3’s primary goal is the expansion throughout Southeast Asia: we aim to reach ten states that have recently signed an economic pact similar to the European Community and who have shown interest in the company’s products, for which Auleum is and remains the standard bearer. Meanwhile, Mega3 intends to strengthen its presence in the Emirates and in Qatar, and we are preparing to face the US market. At the same time, we are continuing with a strategy of brand awareness by participating in luxury events in Europe and Italy, where we promote Made in Italy and of course our land, Liguria.


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