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Art, Spirituality, and Matter

Material forms undergo changes mirroring the water; is it art, metamorphosis, or magic?

French photographer Anton F. knows something about this, from his international exhibitions that play with images resulting in transformations that can only come from the energy of water. New appearances and new visual emotions are created, captured in photographic shots that become works of art, namely limited edition photographs that Alidem wisely offer in their new collection.

Ovid says that the path he runs from chaos to the cosmos, from disorder to order, and the root of deformation he has had within himself from the very beginning. In our era, we can say that he even has the seeds of artistic creativity that is manifested in every work of art we see. It is a mutation to be captured, wrapped in unique, mysterious, casual charm; it is sometimes shy and other times aggressive. It’s difficult to figure out whether it’s a
reflection or a screen; it really depends on the audience’s state of mind. Wherever art is found, it must be recognized in order to be appreciated.

Alidem identifies the new and transforms the art of photography into quality works: it
turns the shot into an artistic experience, creating new styles and opening new horizons. Exclusive images continually enrich, opening eyes and causing the mind to travel towards new visions. In this case, Alidem has evaluated an artistic path and search, discovering themes related to water as a physical and spiritual component.

But it embraces endless themes and today, there are more than one hundred select artists including Nicola Bertellotti, Mark Cooper, Samir Khadem, and Gianluca Pollini.


Alidem is a company specializing in the selection, production, and marketing of limited edition photographic works of art.

This project by Pompeo Locatelli, an art collector and esteemed financial consultant, is innovative and exclusive. It highlights awareness to how photography can make use of interests, and the significant role it has gained within international cultural ideas.

Transparency is a virtue that Alidem has cultivated from the very beginning, just over two years ago. In a market where it is often difficult to get ahead, Alidem’s goal is to accompany each work with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist thus guaranteeing a limited edition.

Alidem also offers art advisory and interior design services that have worked with credit institutions, professional studios, and hotels like Baglioni Hotel Carlton in Milan and Regina Hotel Baglioni in Rome.

The works are available at the Milan Gallery in Via Cusani 18, Castello Sforzesco zone, and also in Via Galvani 24, near the new offices for Regione Lombardia and close to Stazione Centrale… visit to find out more.

Author: Luigi Lanaro

Courtesy Alidem – l’Arte della fotografia, Anton F. , “La danseuse”, 2014

Courtesy Alidem – l’Arte della fotografia, Anton F., “La femme Ö la chaise”, 2014

Courtesy Alidem – l’Arte della fotografia, Anton F., “La violonniste”, 2014

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