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Aman Venice Between Water and Sky

AMAN isn’t a run-of-the-mill hotel chain, one of the many anonymous gray buildings that have colonized our cities. Aman is a collection of intimate, inviting locations characterized by warm and discreet hospitality in a private elegant residence.

Since 1988, with the opening of the first Amanpuri in Pucket, and today with 31 structures spread around the world, Aman has become an assurance among the panorama of luxury comfort hotels, andAman in Venice is no exception.

Aman Venice is located right on the famous Grand Canal, and housed in the magnificent 16th century building Palazzo Papadopoli. It offers a spa and fitness area, a charming terrace that opens onto the Venetian rooftops and alleys, and above all, 24 various rooms and suites: from smaller rooms to the spectacular ALCOVA TIEPOLO suite with more than 100 square meters and rooms that open onto 18th century frescoes by Giovan Battista Tiepolo.

The union of art and Palazzo Papadopoli, the structure of Aman Venice, characterized by the work of Tiepolo – one of the most renownedVenetian artists – reaches its peak simultaneously with the 57thVeniceArt Biennale entitled ‘Viva arte viva’. In fact, Aman Venice has the honor of hosting, on behalf of Christie’s, seven monumental sculptures by one of the preeminent contemporary Japanese sculptors, Kan Yasuda. The exhibit, with the symbolic title Between water and sky, unites two of the elements that have always characterized lagoon life.

Japanese Yasuda, who has been living in Italy since the 1970s, is now considered world famous for his gigantic works made mainly in white marble and bronze, which reflect the organic elements of the natural world.

Furthermore, the artist’s decision to reside in the Tuscan town of Pietrasanta has allowed him true, unique, and constant contact with some of the most famous Italian marble quarries. His sculptures are characterized by alluring and evocative material forms which represent a harmonious relationship between nature and the world. JONATHAN RENDELL, Deputy Chairman of Christie’s America, said:

“The absorbing forms of Yasuda’s sculpture reflect elements of the natural world, which are designed to reflect the viewing experience.

The pieces are both monumental and domestic in scale, and engaging in form and material”.Inspired by his two visits toAmanVenice, whose gardens and spaces set a poignant backdrop for art intended to be touched and experienced,Yasuda himself carefully selected each work’s placement inside the structure.The exhibit opens to the public on May 10 and continues for almost six months until November 5, 2017, offering a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Aman Venice and discover the monumental contemporary sculptures of Yasuda.

Author: Demetrio Baffa Trasci Amalfitani di Crucoli

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