Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

All Day, Every Day

“Livorno is the city in Italy where, after Rome and Ferrara, I would most like to live. I always leave my heart on its huge waterfront, full
of kids and sailors, free and happy. (…) Livorno is a city of tough people who aren’t very sentimental: with Jewish sharpness, good Tuscan manners, and Americanized light heartedness. (…) Along the big, magnificent, cluttered waterfront, there is always a festive atmosphere, like in Southern Italy: but the feeling of celebration is full of respect for the celebrations of others.” Pier Paolo Pasolini – Published in the magazine Successo (1959).

This artistic passion was passed down from Fattori’s pastel shades, from Modigliani’s famous tormented heads, from Piero Ciampi’s profound notes and Mascagni’s compositions, and even from film directors and actors that have spread an accent whose sound is impossible to duplicate.

A port city, a city of cultural contamination, a city of connoisseurs, a city of passing that captures only ardent souls.“The idea comes from the memories
I have of trips to Paris and Copenhagen. To go back to create a “container” made up of people and for people, ideas, colors, music, art, literature. The philosophy of sharing, listening, understanding, and showing”, Andrea Luti tells us, Director of a completely nonconventional
nook, Corner Bistro , designed by Architect Marco Lulli for the owner Simone Gonnelli, naturally just a stone’s throw from the sea.

It focuses on a detailed search for immense attention towards stylistic perfection, hidden under the guise of plain simplicity.
Everything – from its architecture, design, vinyl, and soft lights, to the warmth of wood that hints at a tradition of “beautiful and well made” – all welcomes “all day, every day”. Come for a coffee, a Venetian sandwich, a roll, or a homemade tart. Have an aperitif at lunch up until dinner, and try the curry chicken with white Venere rice, octopus salad, squid, endive, Trevisana chicory, cherry tomatoes and brocolli raab, or a Tuscan sampler with cold cuts, vegetables, and a selection of aged cheeses.

“It’s a non-pub, rather it’s a coworking environment where you can satisfy your senses with the timeless aromas of coffee and milk, bread,
butter and jam from our breakfasts.

It’s a place that hosts and for a moment becomes a shared home”, Andrea continues, with a passion that reflects the magic he spreads. “At our brunches on Sundays, families gather and spend rare and precious moments together, comprised of meetings, readings, and respecting the rules of co-living and sharing”. Corner Bistro is a format to tell of and export. “I’d like to think that this ‘product’ has and is a stimulus for our regulars, it’s a target that embraces a wide path. My victory was being able to turn around and see how a 20-year-old is at ease next to older generations. My firm desire is not to exclude, but include, and combine traditions that can get muddled together and blend”, he concludes. A waft of saltiness spreads towards the idyllic blue horizon with proper respect, and branches out towards bristly tamarisks, queen of the rocky coast.

Author: Asia Bernardini


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