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ICONIC BUSINESS| Cristina Bellon

Analyze clients’ financial investments, restructure failing companies,and create liquidity within a company without bank intervention:this is the goal of MGK Advisor and Consulting SA, a leading company in the field of financial and tax advice. With headquarters in Lugano, MGK operates worldwide. Managing Director Dr. Marco Roccabianca, a forward-thinking and broad-minded professional, is at the helm of the company that employs a team of highly qualified experts. It offers comprehensive consultation and advice for private and multidisciplinary portfolios while addressing any and every business problem: from debt restructuring to procuring financial resources by issuing bonds or minibonds, bond loans that create liquidity for a company and diversification for an investor, at very compelling rates.

Dr. Marco Roccabianca discusses this in the following interview:

Yours has been a long journey marked by success. Where has MGK achieved excellence?
It is mainly divided into two sectors: advisor consultation for private clients and creating self-financing for companies.

What kind of consultation does an advisor provide, considering that this type of work started in the United States about 25 years ago?
Clients come to MGK in Lugano from Italy and all over the world exactly for this reason. An advisor analyzes risk levels in detail for any type of financial portfolio that clients submit. The higher the risk, the more chances to earn, and vice versa. The risk-return ratio is then represented with a Cartesian graph in a detailed report, which is essential for whomever wants to strengthen their financial investments.

Banking institutions have been sources of financing for businesses for decades. Nowadays the financial culture is changing, even in Italy. What do you propose to companies for acquiring liquidity?
Create finance within the company, without bank intermediation. The 2012 Italian Development Decree gave the opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to issue bond loans – bonds and minibonds – that finance the realization of a specific project. MGK takes care of all the necessary paperwork to find Italian and foreign institutional investors and/or mutual funds interested in buying the clients’ bond loans. In addition, thanks to our network, we offer
consultancy services for small and medium-sized companies that want to invest in their growth, to reach AIM listing – the Italian stock market dedicated to this client range.

MGK is also involved with restructuring failing companies. How?
We analyze the company from a banking perspective and restructure debt according to its needs. Our consultancy is a type of support to best achieve the company’s objectives and find a line of credit with optimal conditions among the institutes with which we collaborate.

It is known that access to credit is difficult for newly-established businesses even when there are excellent ideas. What can MGK offer for this type of clientele?
Field experience tells us that even entrepreneurs who have excellent ideas are not always able to structure a winning business model. This is why it is necessary to get support from professionals who can explain the strategies and needs of a start-up company to potential lenders. MGK takes care of all this with a team of

Dr. Roccabianca, you put your heart and soul into your work, and results can be seen.What is your motto?
Enthusiasm and determination. An uphill life, always looking for new solutions. Because there is no problem that can’t be solved, rather multiple solutions for every problem.


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