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A Villa in the Sea

The feeling you get is that of living in a contemporary villa, elegant but simple, tended to even in the smallest detail, including furnishings.

The difference? It’s that you can move it from Portofino to St. Tropez, from Porto Cervo to Ft. Lauderdale or to any marine destination. Even when the sea is calm, you never have the feeling of any neighbors lurking around. In any case, the product’s navigational security always prevails, even though it is a fascinating and exclusive big toy. It is meant to be discovered for its size, power, practicality, design, and technology – although we can better say computer science, since the onboard instrumentation has now reached sophisticated levels of digital wisdom. It results from the work of a team of professionals who have not just designed, but who have personally experienced the need to be on board, cleverly mixed with worldly habits at a high level.

It’s in compliance with safety and ecological regulations, which has become of the utmost importance. Customizing together with the client is not neglected, but actually becomes a priority. We know that people love to truly experience their homes more and more, even a floating home, adding details, style, and an aesthetic touch that no one else has.


It is no longer just a method of transport, but a true achievement: Cloudbreak by Abeking&Rasmussen, a spectacular 72-meter yacht. It was skillfully
made a few months ago but it has already surpassed every expectation among the most expensive yachts. A&R with Rodiek coordinated the work,
together with Veronique Chraprowicki -CL- Jeremy Steddon -EOI- Jim Evans -SuperYachtsMonaco- Andrew Tree -STS- Lana Grineva, Max Cumming, Espen Oeino, Christian Liagre, and a myriad of professionals and skilled workers.

They took care of even the smallest details and offer the best of functionality, comfort, and design. Features include a helicopter landing pad, beach club, sports area, winter garden, various terraces, and apartments for guest and crew, all of which are indispensable aspects to identify it as a luxury production, but in this case it goes farther… breathtaking.

Abeking&Rasmussen is a German company that is proud to be the leader in the construction of yachts and sailboats for those who love luxury.

Author: Luigi Lanaro

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