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Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

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We Design your next Experience

ICONIC DESIGN | Laura Scatena

Engineering, creativity, technology, and design, in just one word: SPX Lab.

It is a hotbed of creative talent and creators who explore and revolutionize the most hidden mysteries of innovative knowledge, creating interactive objects to experience numerous dimensions of the senses. Ta.Bi is the symbol of entry into the world of infinite possibilities, and not just a simple table.

It is the latest SPX Lab creation, and was recently presented at the exclusive Good Style Magazine party with Venice’s enchanting Carnevale as the backdrop. It is a table where technology and design meet to give rise to a one of a kind communicative space: when placing any object on it, the surface recognizes it by touch and leads the viewer through images, text, and videos to learn about the company’s history, manufacturing process, and the product’s technical characteristics. It creates a continual interface between real and virtual, without interference.CEO Massimiliano Margarone tells us about the core business and future developments of SPX Lab, founded in Genoa in 2010, in the following interview.


Let’s start with the SPX Lab project. What is it?

We’ve decided to define SPX Lab as a creative laboratory where engineering and design skills coexist. It is an unorthodox environment where we study the creation and application of surprising technological products: from touch tables that recognize objects placed on them, thus opening doors to multimedia links with videos and images, to mirrors that reflect the back of the person with a simple gesture.


Design and technology: two sectors that interact more and more. What are your thoughts about it?

Technological innovation is an integral part of design. Just think of the smartphones we carry. The dialogue between design and technology simplifies everyday life, makes the ordinary special and forges new paths towards beauty, causing a radical change in the way we produce and create wealth.


Why “we design your next experience”?

When there is innovation, there is always talk of change and continuous projection towards the future: this is why we at SPX Lab study interactions between design and technology to push new boundaries of what is possible, and to create scenarios that go beyond the present. For us, taking the path of innovation means combining honest design and beauty with technological development.


Each of your products is handcrafted and made to measure, never industrial. Why exactly did you choose this path?

Made in Italy’s strength is craftsmanship, and is partly included in the concept of luxury: in a sense, we know that we create a product that is repeatable every time, yet still unique and inimitable. Our clients appreciate SPX Lab’s sartorial ability to create tailor-made applications and tools to meet their needs. We never start from a standard, rather we start from listening to the goals that companies have.

Ta.bi, the touch table that recognizes objects, is a technology that you have created for the luxury sector…

Ta.bi is not just for the luxury sector, but it enhances luxury because it is able to describe even what the product can’t show. It conveys style, emotions, charm, and history that are all intrinsic elements of luxury goods. Ta.bi shows complexity in a simple way, it accompanies the user in exploration, it satisfies the desire for knowledge and curiosity, and touches people. And emotions are a luxury, because they can’t be bought.









Sopra, Massimiliano Margarone CEO di SPX Lab


@ph: Alessia Nigiotti

Web: spxlab.com

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