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Villa M

Designer Philippe Starck and Michel Cazaugade, architect and co-founder of Triptyque and Thierry Lorente, and Groupe Pasteur Mutualité CEO, have announced the design for Villa M, an avant-garde heath center in the Montparnasse district of Paris.  For over 150 years, Groupe Pasteur Mutualité has been administered by and for health professionals, and will now construct a new 8,000 square-meter building.  Philippe Starck, winner of important awards such as the Grand Prix National de la Création Industrielle and the Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects, is the man who ultimately created the French design and is participating in project implementation.  The simple yet pragmatic project is a work of architectural intelligence.

The creative spirit of the famous French designer can be described by his countless historic creations such as Les Baines Douches nightclub in Paris, a period as Art Director for the stylist Pierre Cardin, and numerous collaborations with great brands like Kartel, Flos, Vitra, and Alessi.  His deep comprehension of contemporary changes and his determination to transform the world through brilliant use of creativity have inspired the Villa M project.

The structure is made entirely of steel, and glass windows surrounding it help to balance the weight and allow an interpenetration between the external environment and structure.  The glass and metal skeleton is covered by osmotic vegetation facades which create an organic creature: nature and modernity come together in a building with a living and breathing soul, where intellectual and scientific buzz move forward in continual evolution.

Villa M will be a meeting place for promoting the exchange and care between various specialties and generations of professionals, as well as a showcase of innovation offering a special environment for work, information, training and more:  the space will also include a hotel, bar and restaurant, accessible to both patients and visitors.

The opening is scheduled for 2019.

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