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Unbridled Passion


One is the nephew of well-known Ferruccio Lamborghini, while the other is President of the prestigious Lamborghini Club Italia: Fabio Lamborghini and Andrea Nicoletta. They have just returned from the spellbinding event Bull Days, organized by Venetia Communication, which was a weekend dedicated to the super car darting through the streets of Collio. Here Fabio Lamborghini and Andrea Nicoletta reveal the secrets of a shared passion: the Lambo.



Who is Fabio Lamborghini?

Fabio Lamborghini is a grown lad who has worked for 34 years in one of five companies created by his uncle Ferruccio: Lamborghini Bruciatori & Caldaie to be exact. For about twenty years, he personally cared for the family’s historic museum sharing Lamborghini’s beautiful history. Once finished with this task in May 2016, I had the pleasure of being invited to national and international events. Whenever possible, I grant friendly requests to meet me or show groups of people around the factory’s museum, as well as organize Lamborghini test drives or visits of the “Bull” supercar production.

What does the brand Lamborghini represent to the public?

With its entrepreneurial skills and genius, Lamborghini has built excellent products in various sectors that clients greatly appreciate. But in particular, it has thrilled the world by creating dream cars, such as the historic and mythical Miura and Countach, still considered enchanting even nowadays.

What memories of your uncle Ferruccio do you recall most fondly?

There are many memories. Mainly, I remember my uncle Ferruccio in the context of the industry as well as in our family. I remember a jolly person, with a great personality; I was fascinated by his stories and I was amazed by magic tricks that he sometimes did during lunches or dinners.


Frank Sinatra was Ferruccio’s great friend. He bought the first orange Miura and his quote became famous throughout the world. Will you tell us about it?
Sinatra was a true car connoisseur, and he was passionate about his Miura P 400. At a gala dinner towards the end of the ‘60s, in the best restaurant in New York in front of about 600 rich and famous people, he gave us the best free publicity. He said this: “You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody.” Legendary Frank, thanks.

Umbria is tied to the Lamborghini name – why?

Yes, Umbria is linked to Lamborghini because Ferruccio was impressed by this area, and decided to start a winery and agriturismo in ’68, close to Lake Trasimeno. Many quality wines have been made here with the Lamborghini label. Ferruccio won a prize for best Italian red wine for his top wine Sangue di Miura (or Blood of Miura), fantastic!!!


Are there still entrepreneurs in Italy with such great passion, able to create such a solid international brand?
Absolutely yes, there are less and less mostly because of the declining birthrate, but Italy has always been the cradle of inspiration, genius, and business.

As spokesperson of the Lamborghini brand, your passion and above all dedication get you invited everywhere…what is your next event?
We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Espada & Islero, two excellent Gran Turismos made by my uncle in ’68. There will also be the Comacchio Trophy in September, where there will be classic cars from other brands in addition to the Lamborghini.

What do you think about young and dynamic companies like Venetia Communication?
I think it’s a good thing. Our country needs professionalism, people who have passion and are willing to sacrifice to grow and improve. I hope that many will follow their example.

How has the club evolved from when it was formed to today?

Back in 1993, a group of friends including the great rally driver Sandro Munari laid the foundations for the club. Over the course of 25 years, it has become a considerable family of great Lamborghini enthusiasts, who proudly bring their Lamborghinis to the most prestigious parts of Italy and abroad, to be admired by extreme car lovers.

How does it feel to represent worldwide a brand that has made history?
It is with great pride that I have had the honor and responsibility for 14 years to preserve historical memories and evolution of a brand that for over 50 years has left an indelible mark on the world of super cars.


Andrea Nicoletto, Presidente Lamborghini Club Italia

How many members are there in the club today, and what are their privileges?
Being a member of the Lamborghini Club Italia must be first of all a source of pride and exclusivity. Only Lamborghini owners can be a part of it. Today the club has about seventy members, who have the privilege to access usually difficult to enter places. They can also get their hands on special gadgets that are not on the market, but made for members only, like for the club’s 25th anniversary this year.

Can you tell us about the spectacle you experience at a Lamborghini gathering, like the most recent event “Bull Days” by Venetia Communication?
Experiencing a Club Italia meeting in person can be characterized as being indispensable. Years later, the memory focuses on special moments spent both in the driver’s seat of a Lambo as well as in the passenger’s seat, hearing comments by people who admire these very special objects. At each of our meetings, we create a video that covers both the dedication and leisure that each event offers. Cities of art have had Lamborghinis park next to the Coliseum or in the historical center of Florence, rivaling the glories of Italian history for which we are envied worldwide. With Venetia Communication, we created an event in tune with the world of art and at the same time together with good wine from the Collio area. Being able to make an event known to the world is an extraordinary achievement, and it was done this special weekend.

This year marks the club’s 25th anniversary, so what does the future hold?
Tenacity and passion make the difference in spite of various temporary situations. After Bull Days, the club will be present at an international event in Castell’Aranyo for “The Best of Italy.” Here, in 26 kilometers of closed roads, enthusiasts and specialists will see the best of Italian supercars showing off.


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