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The Poetry of the Lake

ICONIC HOTEL | Asia Bernardini

A century has passed since its inauguration, but even today, Villa Aminta shines in all its grandeur in the Borromeo Gulf, the crown jewel of Italian hotels. It was an Admiral of the Royal Italian Navy, Francesco Capece, who bought the Villa at the end of his service in June 1918 and dedicated it to his beloved wife, Aminta. Numerous leading figures of Europe’s “Belle Epoque” were fascinated by the lake’s pleasant atmosphere, praising Villa and Palazzo Aminta as a unique corner of paradise in the millennium-oldvillage of Stresa.

Over time, guests that visited were just as famous. Paolo Troubetzkoy, the great artist born in Intra to a noble Russian family, created a sculpture in 1908 for his friend, the Irish playwright and “enfant terrible” of literature George Bernard Shaw, who came to Lake Maggiore in 1926 and was a guest of the Admiral and his wife. More recently in 1966, Liz Taylor and Richard Burton picked Villa Aminta for one of their many romantic getaways.



There is great attention to detail, enhanced with antique furniture, stucco, chandeliers, valuable tapestries, oriental-type arabesques and volutes, in homage to the historic relationship with the “Gateway to the Orient” – the Republic of Venice, making Palazzo and Villa Aminta an exclusive 5-star luxury resort, a divine encounter of glorious proportions among decor and architectural trends, in an exclusive atmosphere rich in history.

It is the only resort to directly overlook the wonderful Borromean Islands, and the only hotel in all of Piedmont to be listed with “The Leading Hotels of the World.”

Featuring 58 rooms and 13 suites, its crown jewel for elegance, uniqueness and comfort is La Borromea, with a private staircase and elevator, domed living room, and 105-square-meter terrace with a connected private Jacuzzi overlooking the Borromean Islands. Indulge in appealing walks through lush flower gardens nestled between mountains and lakes, romantic candlelit dinners in the sophisticated restaurant I Mori, and an unforgettable luxury experience at the brand new, refined spa.



Web: www.villa-aminta.it
Tel +39.0323.933818

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