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Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

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The pleasure of meeting

Capri: a jewel embedded in blue velvet, an oasis of the dolce vita. It is an island of peace, courted by prominent literary figures, and chosen as a refuge for international celebrities for its unique natural elegance. In the evenings, Capri is a red carpet for the elite at events that radiate all over the island, even to the Grotta Azzurra.

Brackish blood flows in their veins, and their eyes sparkle with the spirit of someone who has made organization their own profession. A single name, Vertecchi, is synonymous with professionalism and dedication. Massimo, Marianna, and Marco are three siblings born and raised in Capri, and since 2000 they have joined forces, combining their ambitions and spreading their passion to a team of professionals who successfully create unique events.

From business meetings to conventions, even seminars and luxury product launches, CapriMed organizes beautifully staged productions in elite locations both nationally and internationally. They are directors with an innate talent, and their accomplishments are revealed in the following interview.

GSM: Let’s try to define the figure of an event organizer.
CP: An event is something that a client often thinks, dreams, and lives for with lots of enthusiasm. That is why an event organizer must truly
appreciate each project, in order to bring out all its potential, and yet must always be able to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

GSM: What does an event organizer do, and what skills must you have?
CP: The first characteristic of a true events organizer is problem solving – that is, the ability to solve a problem in a few seconds and with whatever is available, without ever losing your head. The role of an event organizer is to plan everything down to the last detail, and to clearly communicate various steps and practices with the client. But we know well that the unexpected is always around the corner, therefore knowing how to handle an emergency is crucial.

GSM: What are the main difficulties?
CP: It is never a simple thing to organize an event’s logistics, above all when there are large numbers, but in these cases, experience is crucial and it helps you to handle any critical situations. Among various difficulties we’ve encountered in recent years, I could say that the most common ones have to do with air and train travel, and managing meals that always becomes a major moment in every event, especially for us Italians.

GSM: What characteristics must you have to go into this profession?
CP: In addition to problem solving mentioned before, an event organizer must be flexible to various requests, but determined enough to tell the client for certain what is feasible and what isn’t, and never improvise. Another key feature is to have a good predisposition for communication, and to know how to smile even when the moment seems crucial, in order to keep the client and guests present safe and calm.

GSM: How did CapriMed come about?
CP: CapriMed was born in Capri at the end of last century, and initially played a role as a local agency. In the following years, the same clients who
appreciated our work on the island continued to request us as partners at their events in the rest of Italy and abroad. So in 2005, the Milan branch was born, with the goal of being physically present in Northern Italy as well, where today we have 70% of our customer portfolio.

GSM: What were the first steps that have led to your success today?
CP: From the very beginning, our policy has been that of the highest transparency and availability. Above all, we never want to see the client
as a number, but always as an individual with whom to build an everstronger relationship.
GSM: Who makes up your team?
CP: Our team is made up of professionals that come from different sectors, and over time, this has brought a range of thinking to our company
that I believe is one of the secrets to our success today. Everybody who works with us undergoes training with continuous refresher courses so that everyone has excellent logistic preparation, coupled with the best communication techniques available on the market today.
GSM: Who are your typical clients?
CP: CapriMed is divided among various sectors including luxury, wedding, medical, cosmetic, and automotive. Depending on which sector, our clients are those companies who want to stand out; they want attention and obsessive scrutiny to detail, and an interpersonal relationship over a mere trivial numerical count.
GSM: Future projects?
CP: Many. That’s right, we have lots of projects planned for 2018, some of which are very ambitious. But it’s because we’re always aiming higher and higher that CapriMed has grown over recent years. Surely taking each new project on with determination and professionalism, we will succeed and overcome even these new challenges.
Author: Chiara Melani

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