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The Days of Ital ian Cinema

ICONIC EVENTS | Autore Delfina Remi |

Cortinametraggio, the festival envisioned and directed by Maddalena Mayneri, will be held in Cortina from March 23 to 29, 2020. This year it will become a film set in collaboration with the Veneto Film Commission giving rise to the first edition of Cortiadi – Winter Sport Short: a true “sporting competition” amongst short film directors who have participated in previous editions of the festival. Cortina D’Ampezzo, its valleys and numerous breathtaking locations that characterize the Dolomite town will be the star of this 15th edition of the festival. This interview that follows with the queen of the festival, Maddalena Mayneri, gives a sneak peek into Cortinametraggio.

How did the 2019 edition end and what can we expect from the next one?
The 2019 edition was a great success and experienced unprecedented growth. Immediately following the end of the festival, the directors were interested in news for the next edition,
stressing how important it was for them to be present even if the festival doesn’t select their short film. In fact, our festival gives the possibility and the option to participate and share their work with the judge panel and guests, both to those who are in the competition as well as to those who aren’t. Among the changes is pushing the festival back a week and even this year, there will be many meetings and workshops starting in the morning.

What is the strong point of a prestigious festival like Cortinametraggio?
I think it is bringing young people together with those who have always been in cinema through workshops and master classes during the week. Our goal is to support and promote Italian cinema, the history of our country.

How are works chosen?
Works must be submitted through the platform filmfreeway by February 5. They are then selected by the festival’s artistic direction and viewed by expert juries. The final selection will include approximately 20/30 works that represent the best of Italian cinema, both short films and videoclips.

Can you let us in on some names from the 15th edition?
Of course I can tell you some of the names including Nicola Giuliano who will be one of the judges in the short films section, and Orsetta Borghero, a Venetian actress with clean, interesting comedy and a very high level of acting. Roberto Ciuffoli and Anna Ferzetti will present the festival. I can’t say any others now but I can assure you that we are working on creating a parterre of professionals ready to judge the directors who will be in the competition and the real stars of the festival, the shorts and videoclips.

Tell us about the recent partnership between the Giornate del Cinema Lucano and Cortinametraggio.
We have combined two festivals and two entities, the North and the South. Together with Nicola Timpone, Marketing Manager of the Lucana Film Commission, we believe in the world of cinema and communication. We will take the winners of the best short films to Maratea in June, while Nicola will organize a Lucanian evening at Cortinametraggio, dedicated to the traditions and tastings of typical products. This partnership enhances our Cortinametraggio on the road, but above all is an encounter of two cultures that has been highly requested by the Italian cinema workforce. We are very proud to become pioneers of this promising “challenge.”

Other future projects?
Cortinametraggio continues to establish itself as an unprecedented event on the Italian festival scene, and as an organization that is increasingly attentive to the scouting of new cinema talent. Thanks to the Cortiadi project which will be ongoing over the next six years until 2026 at the season of major events in Cortina d’Ampezzo, culture is walking side by side with sport. We have invited all the directors who were present in the last 5 editions of Cortinametraggio to send us a script containing a winter sport
and the three best will be shot and produced during the festival, and then screened on the evening of the awards ceremony before a jury of specialists. The project with Vision Distribution for short films in movie theaters is also important and the video clip section headed by Cosima Alemà has been reconfirmed. Once again we
can confirm that we are a festival for scouting and looking for new talents. We are therefore looking forward to seeing you in Cortina d’Ampezzo to celebrate Italian Cinema together with star artists!


Web: cortinametraggio.it

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