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Sculptural living

Immersed in the wonders of Soho, one of Manhattan’s most iconic districts, an impressive sculptural architecture rises. XOCO 325 is one of New York’s most exclusive buildings; standing out in all its opulent beauty, marked by refined pieces, it is the narrative of new contemporary luxury.

XOCO 325’s charm is defined by organic morphologies, making it seem like a true sculpture that has been chiseled and shaped by nature, arising from a perfect synthesis between classicism and contemporary luxury.

It is reminiscent of Art Nouveau, reworked in modern tones and creative interweaving
with an exclusive vision of living.

The new symbol of Manhattan – developed, designed, and built by the DDG Group – enchants with its innovative and refined style, inspired by the history of one of New York’s most elegant neighborhoods. Looking at XOCO 325 – with a cast-aluminum façade, decorated with vertical gardens, seemingly floating in front of glass walls – nobody would
think that this elegant building was once a chocolate factory.

In 21 customized private residences, the choice of interior design extends to the lobby with sophisticated furnishings and carved ceilings, and accentuates a new dimension of luxury living.

Seamless interior and exterior become the extension of one another, reflecting a
uniquely intimate design inspired by traditional New York moldings, including plastered ceilings, cupolas, niches, and decorative medallions.

Inspiration is found in the mixture of architecture and nature, depicted by organic matrix planting or its skeletal form or even by the architecture of Henri Guimard and Victor Horta. Nature itself redefines ornaments, spirals, baubles, and finishes.
Colony’s rising designers even curated the 17.5 million dollar attic as a showroom. In contemporary neoclassicism, XOCO 325 becomes a story of New York’s culture and traditions, particularly in each residence’s interiors, characterized by minimalist style and elements that refer to the lofts of artists who once lived in the neighborhood.
It is an inspirational dimension, even in the fitness center with an original dome roof, or in the private garden where nature meets with the anatomy of one of Manhattan’s most
sought-after architecture. It is between charm and wonder.

Author: Alice Arvei

XOCO 325 Condominium Residences 325 West Broadway Soho, New York City
Prezzi: da $ 2.5milioni

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