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Rocío Muñoz Morales

| ICONIC FASHION | Asia Bernardini

She is an actress, a TV presenter, but above all a mother to a wonderful family together with her partner Raoul Bova. Her passionate role of elegance and positivity is depicted in the photographs shot within Rome’s majestic Palazzo Naiadi, a building that has a rich history but offers all the luxuries of the 21st century, promising a warm and personalized welcome, as well as up-to-date tips helping you to enjoy the city to the fullest extent.

It is part of the Dedica Anthology, a niche luxury brand with a privileged point of view, with headquarters in Milan and a range of hotels in Italy and Europe. The Dedica Anthology combines a strong sense of place and legacy of the past while promising an experience that is curated, contemporary, centered and intuitively focused on the guest. In the Eternal City, Dedica Anthology offers Palazzo Naiadi, a hotel full of history located in the splendid setting of Piazza della Repubblica, overlooking the Fountain of the Naiads. It is characterized by comfort and relaxation, from the lively and spacious lobby to the meeting rooms, perfect for any type of event.

The Tazio restaurant promises a truly unforgettable gourmet experience with a porticoed terrace overlooking the Piazza. For balancing the mind and body, you can take full advantage of a little haven of harmony and wellness: Fusion Spa offers personalized treatments derived from ancient Roman and Asian rituals, using sensual essential oils, healing herbs and mineral essences so guests can regain strength, concentration, and a feeling of rejuvenation. It is an unforgettable backdrop for a special interview with Rocío Muñoz Morales exclusively for Good Style Magazine.


As parents for the second time, what moments have been the most beautiful and the most complicated?
Becoming a mother for the second time has only blessed me with beautiful things. Since becoming a mother, my life has changed; I feel more alive, happier, a better person. Children unknowingly give you so much joy, so much positive energy, so much love to give to the world, and quite a lot of altruism. Suddenly my life has no more room for negativity, because seeing them and getting their affection makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. One of the most beautiful things is that since they were born, I feel a little like a child, or should I say younger in my soul. Through their eyes, I have rediscovered how much love can be demonstrated with small gestures. Sometimes just a kiss, or a “good morning” with a smile, is enough to be infinitely happy and grateful for life. The most complicated moment? Maybe it’s a bit trivial but for a sleepyhead like me, I’ll never get used to the sleepless nights between bottles and diapers.

How do you manage to divide yourself between your career and family?
I don’t feel like working and raising a family is a division; on the contrary, it makes you a woman and a person who is complete at 360°. I always thought that to give the most love to my family, I needed to first feel happy with myself. And without a doubt, my work makes me complete and helps me feel fulfilled and full of emotions. I always bring my daughters (and even my dog Pinchito) with me on theatrical tours all over Italy and on sets from north to south. And this is exactly why I don’t feel like I’m forsaking my family, the vital driving force in my life. In fact, being complete as a mother and as a partner, feeling fully happy at home, this helps me work better and give it all I’ve got, and want to continue to grow professionally. They are a source of so much inspiration for me.

What was your experience like as host of “Bailando con las estrellas”?
It was a wonderful experience, one of those gifts that happens every so often at work. At the beginning I was very scared because it was a great challenge. But I decided to do it wholeheartedly, let myself go and just let the happiest and most self-confident part of me come through. This helped me a lot. But also the fact of having a wonderful working group alongside me, people with great experience and willing to take on a great group project. After the program, which I had a lot of fun doing, I discovered that hosting is up my alley, going live really energizes me and feeling put to the test brings out the best in me. In fact, at the moment I would gladly consider other TV hosting offers. I think that in this line of work you can’t limit yourself, but rather learn and absorb everything that comes along.

Do you prefer theater or film?
What a difficult question…It’s like asking me if I love one child or another more. It’s impossible to answer. They are both great loves, great passions of mine. Two different ways of speaking the same language, the language of emotions, of feelings. I deeply believe in falling in love with the characters I play, in the women I have to discover and become. And the path to doing it is the same for film and for theater. I need time to get to know the characters and let them emerge, to understand them, to love them; and this time, the preparation for each character is the same in both mediums. But I can’t deny that theater creates a kind of very strong addition reaction, experiencing emotions live with the audience, breathing together with the people who are watching you and listening to you in that exact moment.

When will we see you again on television?
I will return to television soon as the female lead on the fifth season of “Un Passo Dal Cielo” on Rai1, a project that I am particularly attached to. It is my third season playing Eva Fernandez, a character I’ve played for five years now and that has given me a lot of satisfaction and affection from the audience. This year we will see a more mature Eva, more “woman.” We will surely see her most fragile and sensitive side too. think there will be many unexpected surprises for our fans. The writers have been amazing in believing in such a big role for a character that already had such marked characteristics and I would say almost a bit over the top.

Upcoming projects?
Right now I’m working on a few film projects for 2019. Surprise, surprise… but some new theater projects are already running through my mind for the end of the year. Once you start, you can’t stop!!


Photographer Laura Scatena
Styling Mirko De Propris per @valeriajmarchetti
Production coordination Chiara Melani
Photography assistant Alessia Nigiotti
Make-up Chiara Corsaletti using Filorga
Hair Emanuele Romano @makingbeautymanagement
Video Backstage Ginevra Paoli
Special thanks to Manzo Piccirillo www.manzopiccirillo.com
eMOTION Cars per Fiat 500 Spiaggina www.emotioncars.it
Location Palazzo Naiadi The Dedica Anthology, Roma. dahotels.com/palazzo-naiadi-roma/it

Web: zaha-hadid.com

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