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Poetry: A Glass Garden

| ICONIC EXHIBITION |  Emanuele Melani

Briccole – posts recovered from the Venetian lagoon – form large easels that have become four installations each more than five meters high adorning Campo Santo Sofia as well as one on the Grand Canal, leading to the inside of Hotel Ca’ Sagredo. Rotelli didn’t want to surrender to the same fate as these poles; rather he wanted to turn them into an artistic work not only with aesthetic value but above all an ethical one, in which respect for the environment comes from a new use of historical artifacts.


“Poetry: A Glass Garden” is the new project that Venetian artist Marco Nereo Rotelli created for Ca’ Sagredo Hotel together with Massimiliano Schiavon and his furnace, with contributions from four international writers from different continents: poets Adonis (Syria), Yang Lian (China), and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez (Cuba) with novelist Mark Axelrod (United States).

The centuries-old trunks were saved from becoming pulp, then cleaned, gilded, and ennobled by the artist’s hands in collaboration with Massimiliano Schiavon and his furnace, creating hundreds of blown glass stems that come out from the antique wood. Letters and words stand out, giving the artwork “…a transparency that debris from history is always more dangerously threatening to obscure, as much as it has enchanted its most illustrious visitors,” says Massimo Donà. The exhibition continues inside the Sagredo family’s historic home, where the Venetian family’s passion for culture will be remembered by these glass books, written by the writers Rotelli called to Massimiliano Schiavon’s furnace to give different words to a reborn Venice.

An exhibition of books with colors that play a role of real figures of thought in Yang Lian’s poetry; the color compositions by Adonis fused in recycled glass; an open volume bearing the quotation chosen by Axelrod; the cover with the symbol of beloved Cuba – the pineapple – for Núñez. The Amigoni hall in Hotel Ca’ Sagredo will be dedicated to the new series of visual works painted by Syrian Adonis, where writings are hidden in color wrapped in the light of the night and mystery. The Palazzo’s monumental staircase and grand Sala del Portego host Golden Doors, a central work in Marco Nereo Rotelli’s research.


The doors were also objects no longer being used, given new light and elevated to icons thanks to a gold leaf treatment where verses by the poets respond to an appeal launched by Emanuele Severino and cited in the exhibition’s brochure: “When truth and goodness fade, what about beauty?” F-Lux completes the exhibition – a luminous sculpture that transforms a “fluid chandelier” into a graphic design, created by “Signoretto Lampadari” together with the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice: the glass modules from the Venetian chandelier take on a soft and sinuous shape, spreading light from within.


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