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Questo magazine nasce dalla voglia di comunicare e preservare la nostra passione per l’esistenza dello stile dando valore alla conoscenza, l’innovazione abbinata a nuove forme di bellezza.

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Platinu stilettos

We are all surrounded by pure perfect design in nature that can not be improved upon.  It is just a matter of translating that design perfection.”

From the dynamic laboratory of Birmingham Jewellery, establisher and creator Christopher Michael Shellis first began his 25-year career in design of fine jewelry, and then moved on to the ultimate expression of his artistic flair, in the fusion of diamonds, jewelry, and metallurgy in the precious sculptures built in the intoxicating realm of House of Borgezie.

Craftsmanship, dedication, and the celebration of femininity give birth to timeless iconic examples, “ such as a Stradivarius Violin or a Fabergé egg,” the House points out.

Sinuous lines in sophisticated platinum harmoniously intertwine to give luster to the Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra, a stiletto quite like a diamond.  The refined and patented design, such as the carved groove and a heart-shaped sole, can easily be removed and replaced after showing signs of wear.  Made from 18ct white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, a highly skilled team of goldsmiths reaches a level of excellence rarely seen, including tailor-made service.

Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto, a flood of solid gold, is encrusted with a myriad of brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 30 carats, and offers a lofty 1,000 year guarantee.


“ This love of nature, even on a microscopic scale that we rarely see, like the perfection and symmetry of a single pollen grain, or the beguiling complexity of a single snowflake crystal that no two are alike that have fallen from the sky since time began.  This love of symmetry is a natural instinct in us all,” continues Sir Shellis, whose determination and obsessive quest for sublimation portray an unforgettable seal of his work.

Mother nature is a source of inspiration which is echoed in the artistic display ranging from design to architecture, from fabrics to accessories.

The sandal is a work of art, which emerges from the noble fusion of artists, jewelers, sculptors, and artisans.  A elegantly luxurious transmigration of architectural structures, “which would not be amiss worn by a princess from classical times, inside a palace of gold and marble.”


Author: Asia Bernardini


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